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About AFancyHome

Dear A Fancy Home readers,


Here at A Fancy Home, we have one intention: to supply you with the best home improvement advice, the latest interior design news and interesting DIY guides.


A Fancy Home was born from an inherent passion for interior decoration on a budget that didn’t stretch to the home décor needed to make it a reality. While we never discriminate against expensive home décor, our mission will always be to make high-quality home accessories, guides, tips and advice accessible to the average homeowner.


What is Interior Design?

Interior Design is the coordination and arrangement of elements (such as colour scheme, furnishings and home décor accessories) of the interior of a home (office, or any structural space).

An interior design theme is more than just aesthetic elements; when harmoniously combined an interior theme will feel like an experience. At A Fancy Home, we believe it’s a form of art, a passion, a skill and a fantastic way for homeowners to not only express their personality but to create a personal oasis; it will make a house a home.


Why Home Improvement?

Whether you own the property that you’re living in or not, it’s imperative to keep your home in the best condition. Home improvement will ensure the longevity of the property, ensure it continues as a nice environment to live in and remains at the same (if not increase) in value!

At A Fancy Home, we love home improvement and it's our goal to convince our readers of the same mindset!


And DIY?

If you’re not a naturally crafty, artistic or hands-on person, the thought of repairing, making, building or creating can seem like a daunting one. BUT WAIT. It’s not, DIY doesn’t have to be a foreign task to the average homeowner, with the right guidance from A Fancy Home, you’ll be upcycling in no time!

Whether you just want to read or if you want to be inspired and learn a new DIY skill, then A Fancy Home is the creative interior design community for you. If you’d like to contribute head to our Submit a Guest Post page, however, if you’d like to stay up-to-date on all things A Fancy Home then like us on Facebook.


Anyway, we hope you enjoy!


Lots of love, the A Fancy Home team xox