20 Quirky Living Room Decorations Under £20! ✨

It’s now November, (we know, it’s terrifying), meaning that the big C is fast approaching. With the festive season on the horizon – party after party means more money after more money. If you’ve got the itch to update your living room decorations (because, really, there’s no better time) then keeping them to a budget is essential.

So, we decided to put together a list of 20 quirky living room decorations that are all under £20. After all, it’s nearly Christmas, you don’t want any old (boring) living room decorations!

20 Quirky Living Room Decorations Under £20:

  1. The Black Skull Candle

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Skull Candle (1)
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We know that Halloween has just passed but this scary skull wouldn’t look out of place in any living room. The candles are made from soy wax (which is vegan and better for the environment than traditional paraffin) and come in either gloss or matte finishes.

Add some seriously cynical lux to your living room.

  1. Smartphone Projector

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Phone Projector (1)

We’re all about the home cinema experience, it’s cheaper and more comfortable; what more could you want?

This Smartphone Projector could instantly change the game in your home with its 8 x magnifying lens. Plus, thanks to the simple design, its both easy and fun to construct!

Grab this little wonder from Prezzy Box for £15.99.

  1. Antique Gold Moose Head

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Gold Moose Head (1)

Because no list of quirky living room decorations is complete without some type of metal animal head.

This shiny addition is a steal at just £18.50 from Cox & Cox.

  1. Pineapple Bookend Set

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Pineapple Bookends (1)

If you like drinking piña colada and getting caught in the rain, then you’re most like to want these extremely Kitsch bookends to grace your living room also.

Don’t tell us that you don’t love them because we know it’s a lie. Stack your books in a fruity fashion for just £7.99 thanks to T.K.Maxx.

  1. Vintage Hanging Mirror

Fox Ivy Vintage Hanging Mirror - Tesco - No.5 (1)

This ornate number is fabulously chic. It has the power to hang undetected in a standard living room while also tying together a more retro and quirky style.

And the best bit? This mirror is part of the new Fox & Ivy home décor range from Tesco Direct (read about it here, it’s great), meaning the marvellous mirror checks in at just £15.

  1. Dripping Wax Candle

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Dripping Wax Candle (1)

Carrying on the theme of “just a little bit too late for Halloween” this dripping wax candle is totally awe-inspiring, if not a little Rocky-Horror. Thanks to the contrasting colours on these handmade candles they’ll be sure to grab attention, making them delightfully kooky living room decorations.

The candle retails for £8.50 from FirstEditionCandleCo on Etsy.

  1. Balloon String Lights

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Balloonn String Lights (1)

It is the festive season after all and it’s not a party without balloons, right? With these Balloon String Lights from PrezzyBox (for just £11.99) can you upgrade your bog-standard balloons with ones that light up, for a real wow-factor!

  1. Washing Line Photo Frame

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Washingline Display (1)

As far as quirky living room decorations go, one that can be personalised is always going to be a popular choice.  John Lewis have named this product “Umbra Hangit Photo Display” but we prefer Washing Line Photo Frame; it’s more fitting.

  1. Little Lantern

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Lantern (1)

Not the quirkiest on the list of quirky living room decorations but sometimes less is more.

This simple little lantern from The White Company (for £15) is ideal as a candle holder, or if you’d like another use, stick some soil in for a succulent potted plant!

  1. Candlestick Holder

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Candlesticks (1)

Metallic shades and clean geometric lines, it’s a 2017 interior design décor dream. The Verona candlestick holder from Made.com starts with one holder at £8, two for £15 and the triple candlestick for £20.

The contemporary piece will be a great addition to any coffee table for subtle sophistication!

  1. Origami Rabbit

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Origami Rabbit (1)

No house is complete without a decoration that makes people ask, “why do you have that?” And this Origami Card Rabbit from Wayfair for £11.58 (which, let’s be honest, looks more like a pig), can do that for you.

I used to be part of an origami club but it folded.

  1. Concrete Apple & Pear

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Concrete Apple and Pear (1)

Are you a champion of Cockney Rhyming Slang? Of course you are – who isn’t? Then these Concrete Apple & Pear ornaments from Cox & Cox for £12.50 will have you inspired to unnecessarily rhyme all day long!

  1. Pink and Green Cushion

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Pink and Green Cushion (1)

Two tones… very chic – one colour is just not enough these days. Pink, as we know, is extremely trendy and has been for some time. And thanks to the hard-wearing design by Habitat it’s perfect for inside or outdoor decorative use.

Now that it’s half-price you can grab it for just £17.50!

  1. Hexagon Rose Gold Concrete Tealight Holders

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Pink Cement Tealight Holder (1)

There seems to be a concrete and candle theme on this list and it’s truly an accident – these are all just cute and quirky living room decorations (that conveniently all match).

This sweet little number is available for £10 from the Etsy shop Concrete Alphabet.

  1. Woven Rug

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Pink Rug (1)

Any rug that’s under £20 is a bargain but especially so when as nice as this one from Made.com. The woven jute rug comes in three colours: pink, brown and grey. The firm fabric makes it ideal for high traffic areas like the living room.

  1. Hanging Glass Frame

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Hanging Glass Frame (1)

We are huge fans of these hanging glass frames; I’m pretty sure we’ve featured them before, they’re just beautiful.

A singular frame is will set you back just £17.50 but they do look wonderful in groups of odd numbers (3 and 5). We’d suggest displaying one image or overlaying a couple to create a collage.

  1. Union Jack Throw

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Union Jack Throw (1)

Are you feeling particularly patriotic? Wanting to wrap up warm this winter? Then this is the answer to your woes. For £19.99 from Tesco, you can get your hands on this sweet Union Jack Throw; it’ll instantly add some colour, making it an ideal partner to your quirky living room decorations.

  1. Gold Toned Cactus Money Box

AFH - 20 Quirky Living Room Decorations - Gold Cactus Money Box (1)

We feel this product is self-explanatory. Grab it from T.K.Maxx for £7.99.

  1. Copper Vase

AFH - Living Room Decorations - Copper Case (1)

This Copper Vase from Habitat is £20; it’s delightful. The design pairs a sleek glossy finished on the bottom half with a hatched matte on top to create a beautiful contrast. A truly quirky piece of décor for sure!

  1. Silver Stag Tea Light Holder

AFH - Living Room Decorations - Silver Stag Tealight Holder (1)

There really is no other way to display tealights than balanced precariously (they’re actually firmly fixed) on a silver stag’s antlers.

Thanks to a sale at Laura Ashley you can now be the lucky owner for just £19.60.


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