Lifestyle Bloggers Weigh-In on Our 2018 Interior Design Predictions

The start of a new year is exciting for a multitude of reasons, however, for A Fancy Home, it’s the changes in interior design that get us hot under the collar. What’s in? Out? What’s going to be shaken all about in 2018? Side note: if you haven’t already, you should head over to our 2018 interior design predictions and read what we expect to be falling into and out of favour in 2018.

We decided to talk to a couple of lifestyle bloggers to hear their opinions on the current interior design trends and what new ones they thought were on the horizon. After all, as masters of the bedroom flat-lay, they must be up-to-date on what colour bedsheets to be photographing!

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Meet the Lifestyle Bloggers!

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With a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Natonya plans to stick her stilettos in the world of fashion through styling, writing, marketing and promotion. She’s collaborated with several fashion brands through campaign promotion on Polyvore and conducted fashion interviews. Her goal is to become a fashion editor of her own magazine.


Charlotte is an interior design obsessed blogger that regularly writes about lifestyle, beauty & fashion, weddings, travel and food. She has recently bought a house and is soon to tie the knot – detailing each step through her 20’s!
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Which 2018 Interior Design Predictions are You Most Excited for, and Why?

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Natonya: The trend I am most excited about is the maximalist style! Just like fashion, it’s so liberating to mix textures, prints and patterns together. The blending of stripes, floral and faux fur calls for a funky light-hearted vibe

Charlotte: I am really excited about the sage trend. I love natural colourings, and whilst I have lots of beige and brown in my home, we are desperately trying to throw in some other natural tones like sage and even rust orange. I feel these will both complement each other sooo well, and create more colour, especially in our living area. Sage really is a colour that can work across your entire home!!

Which 2018 Interior Design Predictions are You Least Excited for, and Why?

Natonya: I’m not too thrilled about the Chintz style coming back because I like to blend different prints, but if styled with a modern twist, it could be a brilliant creation

Charlotte: Sorry to say it but chintz! It’s a really hard trend to get just right without making your home look like grandma’s hangout. Some can pull it off but it’s a little too much for me!

Which 2018 Interior Design Predictions are You Sad to See Go?


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Natonya: I’m looking forward to the elimination of copper. With the rise of rose-gold, I don’t miss the copper tone since the two are so similar.


Charlotte: I have to say, I’m sad to see Industrial Chic take a hit this year. It’s a trend, that if done well, can really work. Wire baskets and industrial lamps are key pieces in my own home. They won’t be going but will be softened with some of the gorgeous trends of 2018.

Which 2018 Interior Design Predictions are You Happy to See Go?

Natonya: I’m going to miss subway tiles. It’s a nice non-complex neutral with easy texture for the eyes. Subway tiles make perfect backdrops for photoshoots and flat-lays.

Charlotte: It’s got to be millennial pink. Whilst we have subtle hints of pink in our home, I’m happy to see it take more of a back seat in 2018. Those rose and almond tones were just a little too much, don’t you think

Are there Any Design Themes that You’ve Included in Your Own Home, and What Are They Like to Live With?

Natonya: I like the evolving sage, it’s a lovely transitional colour for each season. I have sage bed sheets and a grey faux fur blanket that pair together sweetly. For me, sage is the new neutral. With its modern-chic colour, it eliminates the need of white bed sheets, providing another colour for backgrounds in my blog photos.

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Charlotte: Curation for sure. I am a little neat freak, but me and my fiancée do like to have personality wherever possible. We tried a very clinical and modern look when we first bought our home, but it just didn’t feel right. It lacked warmth and comfort for those lazy Saturday Netflix binges.  Since then we have brought décor in earthy tones to complement each other well. Along with soft furnishings and little knick-knacks to truly feel like home.

We plan to bring some sage into our living area this spring/summer and rust orange in the colder months.

From Your Viewpoint, What Do You See Emerging? 

Natonya: I believe maximalist style is emerging because we’ve all been so accustomed to the minimalist style for a long time. Look at Instagram, many fashion/lifestyle/food bloggers are adopting the theme across their feeds. With maximalist style, it gives an opportunity to become more creative by pairing various objects together for a more eclectic yet tasteful style.

The Verdict?

With regard to A Fancy Home’s 2018 Interior Design Predictions, it seems everyone is down with Sage to take centre stage – welcoming in the muted green shade with open arms (surprised? No); while Chintz seems to have everyone hesitating. A busy fabric like Chintz can be hard to incorporate without clashing, looking gaudy or generally misplaced. We get it, it can be daunting to work with such hard fabrics but they are the most rewarding once you make it look good!

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