Christmas Lounge Designs for the Perfect Festive Atmosphere!

Christmas is so close that we can hear the jingle bells and smell cranberry and mulled wine (we have some in the kitchen). This means that it’s time to unpack your old Christmas decorations, buy some new ones and treat your home to the best Christmas lounge designs to create a good old jolly holiday atmosphere. You hold the tinsel, we’ll grab the fake snow.

Have you started thinking about Christmas lounge designs? After all, this is the centre of all holiday happenings, where the magic takes place, the Christmas tree is displayed and the gifts are unwrapped. It’s where Santa is going to eat your cookies and drink the brandy; so, you must ensure the perfect festive atmosphere!

Christmas Lounge Designs:

Keeping it Traditional

Christmas Lounge Designs - Traditional Decor (1)
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You probably still remember Christmas evenings at your parents’ or grandparents’ house where everything was like a traditional Christmas décor manual; strictly red, green and gold. If you’re a nostalgic person, you can do just that with the classic red and green colour scheme. This also means that you must have a real tree decorated with traditional-style paper ornaments, deep crimson baubles and, of course, a golden star or an angel on the top.

Keep up the vibe by hanging mistletoe from the ceiling and a berry wreath on the front door. But that’s not the only greenery you should have – introduce Christmas pines to the walls and a few garlands to the picture rails. For extra cosiness, throw a red blanket on one side of the sofa and throw some mismatched cushions with winter motifs for the perfect finish to one of the most traditional Christmas lounge designs!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

Christmas Lounge Designs - Silver Decor (1)
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If you want something less fluffy and adorable and more stylish and elegant, you can always opt for a metallic palette that is based on gold, rose gold, silver and copper, spotted with white matte accessories for the added crispiness.

Honey-coloured string lights will further elevate your efforts while ornamental candles (like a Christmas scented Yankee) will tie together the perfect festive atmosphere with a rich aroma.

Another way to add to the theme is to place a simple but luxurious centrepiece on your coffee table. A simple idea is to use a berry wreath (why not dust it with a coating of gold spray paint?) and place your scented candles in the middle.

Keep the rest of the room minimally decorated with just a few monochromatic and one or two pillows with metallic details to break the monotony.

Trying the Simple Route

Christmas Lounge Designs - Simple Christmas Decor (1)
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Holidays may not be your thing, so you’re probably not keen on hanging a bunch of string lights and garlands around your house or socks on your mantel – but that doesn’t mean you should give up on Christmas lounge designs altogether!

For an understated Christmas design, all you need to do is keep it simple. Hang a few plain garlands (without decoration), drape some fake ivy foliage around the base of a few candles and choose a small (table-sized) artificial tree.

Ho Ho Ho, A Colourful Christmas

Christmas Lounge Designs - Colour Christma Decor (1)
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If you have kids, decorating the tree will be an exciting and memorable part of Christmas… even if it pains you to give them full artistic direction (hello haphazard rainbow theme and goodbye carefully curated two-tone display).

Let the children win this year – their quirky Christmas lounge designs will be endearing and sweet, just make sure to get some snaps so it’ll be a talking point for years to come!

Combine colours like bright green, pink, blue, yellow and orange, but don’t stop there. Do the same with gift wraps, accessories, cushions, candles and garlands. You’ll transform your lounge into a merry and bright fairy-tale surrounding that’ll leave no one indifferent.

Mrs Claus: Soft and Sophisticated

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Red and green is the most popular holiday colour scheme because they’re warm and inviting, but that doesn’t have to mean subtler combinations like white, grey, silver and black can’t provide the same perfect festive atmosphere.

The transition between these more neutral colours feels natural, since they reflect wintery tones rather than Christmas traditions. Hang white and grey ribbons above your fireplace, use silver baubles for the tree and add a little fake snow to your windows.

Since the colours aren’t hugely warming you should try to switch up the textures for cosy layering.  A knitted blanket on the sofa, a soft plush rug on the floor under the coffee table and faux fur pillows will do the trick. Try layering your light more than normal by adding a couple of lamps – ensure your bulbs give a warm, yellow glow for the best results!

A Rustic Christmas Tale

Christmas Lounge Designs - Country Christmas (1)
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Similar to traditional but with the addition of the irresistible farmhouse and vintage charm, rustic Christmas lounge designs celebrate natural elements of this season and encourages DIY projects. So, get crafty and start making rag garlands, burlap decorations and other items using driftwood, birch logs, fresh greens and red berries. Throws, stockings and pillows of a traditional pattern will further enhance this countryside feel you’re trying to achieve. Finally, decorate the mantel with apples, acorns, eucalyptus and cotton.

A Blue Christmas

Christmas Lounge Designs - Blue Christmas (1)
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And by “blue” we don’t mean “sad” but a true snowy, icy and romantic holiday. This is a particularly good idea if you’ve decided to go with an artificial tree this year! A white tree is a particularly good choice as it’ll look like it’s fully covered with snow, then, decorate with large blue and silver baubles.

Instead of the traditional red socks hanging from the mantel, hang white or blue socks (or the combination of the two). Complement your frosted Christmas tree with white string lights – and don’t stop there – spread the lights throughout the room for an extra immersive shimmer.

Take the Non-Traditional Road

Christmas Lounge Designs - Book Tree (1)
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If you’re not a big fan of traditions but still want to make Christmas special, start by introducing an alternative to the most traditional Christmas décor element of them all – the tree. Depending on your preferences, you can make the shape of a Christmas tree out of a bunch of books and decorate them with string lights.

Other things you could try are a chalkboard tree on your wall (no chance for clutter here), a plywood tree, and bookshelf-tree (position glassware to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree shape). You could also make a rustic tree from old planks or reclaimed pallet wood and place succulents in the shape of a tree, or a peacock-feathered tree and even a tower of wine corks! The possibilities truly are endless!

Say it With Words and Pictures

Christmas Lounge Designs - Christmas signage (1)
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While we usually associate Christmas lounge designs with garlands, trees and candlelight, that doesn’t have to exclude other elements that could ooze the perfect festive atmosphere.

Imagine a wall full of posters or vintage prints of Santa Clause (e.g. retro Coca-Cola Christmas ad). Signs that read “Merry Christmas”, “Joy to the world” or “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” could be decorating your mantel. You can also go with some funny moments, like “This house is under elf surveillance”, “Eat, drink and be merry” and “Dear Santa, define good”.


No matter how you decorate your home this festive season, (or whether you don’t at all), the main thing to achieve is a welcoming atmosphere to make your loved ones feel at home – this is will help to create an environment perfect for making memories. Send us pictures on Twitter of your Christmas lounge designs!