10 Home Décor End of Year Gift Ideas for Teachers

It’s that time of year again (can you believe it!) It’s time to start thinking about the end of year gift ideas for teachers; a goodwill gesture for putting up with your little terrors all year!

When you think about how many gifts teachers receive – and every year – you want to make sure your present doesn’t go unnoticed. Or at least, don’t buy the same thing as everyone else.

The best way to achieve this is by either investing in a present that’s a little bit different or something that’s fine to receive multiple of (thus anything edible, yum yum yum).

[Do not, we repeat, DO NOT BUY A MUG even if it’s personalised. Most schools could probably build a new wing from “World’s Best Teacher” mugs.]

End of Year Gift Ideas for Teachers:

  1. Flourish with Flowers 💐

end of year gift ideas for teachers - flowers (1)
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A simple and humble bouquet of flowers will NEVER go a miss. They’re a bright, cheery expression of appreciation.

And just think, when was the last time someone bought you flowers? Or the last time you bought someone flowers for that matter? It seems to be a dying gesture, and so it’s one that will be greatly received and appreciated.

  1. Thanks for Making Us into Smarties 🍫

Edible gifts are always a safe bet – there isn’t a single person on earth doesn’t like chocolate (even if it’s solely eaten in secret cupboards while no one’s looking).

However, just buying a chocolate bar is a little lacklustre, effortless and let’s be honest… lazy. Why not try making your own chocolate box with an assortment of different bars (you’re sure to get something they like this way too); or a mixture of retro sweets from a vintage sweet shop.

Tip: buy a cheap present box, tissue paper, ribbon and hand-written note for an extravagant presentation!

  1. Light up with Candles

Seychelles The White Company scented candle
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Buying your children’s teacher a candle may seem like a boring gift, but really, you can’t have too many (I’m talking from experience). Especially a luxurious scented candle.

The White Company have a HUGE range of candles and fragrances that scream understated elegance; which will make the perfect present.

There are two types of gifts you can buy a teacher, one that represents your child and one that represents your gratitude. And this Seychelles large candle will be a very mature, dignified present.

Tip: go the extra mile and add a touch of personalisation by making a DIY shabby chic candle holder to go with it? Have your children make it for a wonderful present from the whole family!

  1. Thank You for Helping Me Grow this Year! 🌷

As far as the end of year gift ideas for teachers go, a small potted plant is a great one. Add life and vibrancy to the classroom with this idea.

One thing to note – try and choose a plant that is low maintenance. You don’t know the gardening level of your child’s teacher, and you don’t want to overwhelm them with a gift that will require huge upkeep.

Tip: have your child express their personality by planting a unique pot for your chosen plant!

  1. Bookworm 📚

three old books tied with string
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It would be incredibly reductive to assume all teachers like to read in their spare time. However, it’s not a stretch to assume during their 6-week summer break they’ll be hitting a beach, pool or garden… of which a book would be the perfect accompaniment.

It won’t take long to search the best sellers list for something appropriate. Alternatively, pick up a classic with a beautiful cover, like something from the Clothbound Classics series from Waterstones.

Tip: wrap your book in brown paper and tie with string to complete the look!

  1. The Tacky Wine Glass 🍷

Not on the High Street - teachers wine glass - End of year Gift Ideas for Teachers
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We’ve tried our best to rid the list of any tacky ‘personalised print’ presents; as ultimately, they’re funny for 30 seconds and then live on the back of a shelf forever after.

This playful teachers’ wine glass, however, this will come out at the end of every term.

Tip: why not include a nice bottle of wine with the gift? Or, even better, a voucher for a wine bar to kick their summer off nicely!

  1. Lightbox 🌟

Tesco - Cinema Light Box
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At A Fancy Home, we’re a big fan of lightboxes as a home décor gift; this would be an ideal present for a younger teacher.

Imagine, it would be the perfect fit for the classroom too. It could be adorned with inspirational messages, topics or names of star pupils!

Tip: write a nice thank you message on the lightbox before gifting it.

  1. Stationary

Is it an end of year gift ideas for teachers list without stationary?

If you don’t know what to get, you can always play it safe with stationary. It is the one thing we can guarantee all teachers need and use; the limit does not exist. Get some ideas for a teacher’s desk here.

Tip: don’t gift the bog-standard stuff, indulge in an opulent pen or a leather-bound notepad.

  1. Thanks for Making Me One Smart Cookie 🍪

Biscuiteer - thank you teacher biscuits
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Luxury biscuits are no joke, especially if baked by a real biscuiteer.

This lovely box of biscuits from Biscuiteer in London is a truly unique gift that’ll stand out from the crowd (and it’s an edible gift, and you know how fond A Fancy Home is of them!)

  1. Ombre Grammar Rules Pencil Set

Not on the High Street - green grammar pencils - End of year Gift Ideas for Teachers
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Because they’re great.


And that wraps up the end of Year gift ideas for teachers. Let us know on Facebook if you found the list helpful or if you’ve got any more quirky ideas to share with other A Fancy Home readers!