The Get Baking Quick Toolkit: 10 Kitchen Essentials

Get set, BAKE! To celebrate the return of the nations’ favourite programme (affectionately dubbed by us) we’ve put together a guide for the essentials that you’ll need to get baking. We can’t wait for the Channel 4 reboot – after all – we wouldn’t have wanted it to get stale… pardon the pun. And we believe the only way to stave off the pangs of junger (jealous hunger) brought on by The Great British Bake Off is to get baking something wonderful to eat whilst watching the show. Now that, that’s science.

Get Baking with these 10 Essentials:

  1. The Measuring Scales

Get baking essentials - the white company scales

Decidedly less daunting than their mean cousin the weighing scales, measuring scales are the foundation for any good bake. Even the most veteran baker will still rely on measuring scales to get ingredient ratios perfect – it’s simply impossible to get baking without a set!

The set pictured above is available from Cox & Cox and is offering up some serious contemporary vintage vibes with its numeral face and detachable metal bowl; fortunately, it’s sporting the very useful add-and-weigh dial under the bowl.


  1. A Measuring Jug

Get baking essentials - measuring jug

Of equal importance to the measuring scales, a measuring jug is a basic tool among a baker’s range of equipment. Necessary for measuring all liquid and in some cases will be able to measure American “cups” for solid ingredients too.

The one above from House of Fraser has a handy smaller section that can measure smaller liquids, such as salad dressings, and starts from as small as 5ml.

Tip: Ensure to invest in a microwave-safe measuring jug to soften or melt butter.


  1. Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls (1)
[Photo Credit]
Designated mixing bowls of varying sizes are non-negotiable when you want to get baking. It goes without saying that recipes require various ingredients, however, having various mixing bowls allows you to measure out and keep them separate until necessary.

Buying a set will not only mean a uniform style (all those perfectionists are jumping for joy at the thought) but it often makes they’ll stack neatly together for easy storage.


  1. Sieve It

Do you want a lumpy batter? Or bumpy cake mixture? Do you want evenly dusted cake tops and crepes? Of course, you do, you’re not a neanderthal; no one wants a lumpy batter. That’s where the humble sieve comes striding in. It’ll be one of the most inexpensive tools in your kit but will make the difference between an okay consistency and a silky smooth (i.e., GREAT) consistency.


  1. An Electric Whisk

Get baking essentials - electric whisk

Your elbows will thank you, your wrists will thank you, your clock will thank you; the consistency of your unbaked goods will thank you. In other words, an electric whisk will save you insurmountable time and effort.

The standalone whisk above is from the iconic homeware brand Morphy Richards and boasts a 3.5-litre capacity and 6-speed settings (i.e. it’s a good choice guys).



  1. Rolling Pin

Get baking essentials - rolling pin
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Again, if you’re looking to get baking, it’s essential that you purchase a good, heavy-duty rolling pin. Whether you prepare savoury bakes (hello, pastry) or sweet cakes (where’s the marzipan at?), then there’s absolutely no doubt that you’ll need a rolling pin.


  1. Cake Tin

At the end of the day, as a novice baker you’ll be starting with cakes – and to be honest – we’re all here for a good cake, right? We’d recommend getting two cake tins as you’re likely to always need multiple layers (did someone say Victoria sponge?). And on the off chance that you don’t eat the whole cake every time you bake, then you’ll need somewhere to store it.

Purchasing two cake tins means they’ll not only be identical in size and shape, but it will also allow you to bake both layers at the same time; this means exact layers and a quicker bake time.


  1. Baking Parchment

Get baking essentials - baking parchment
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Baking parchment will get used every single time you bake; from lining cake tins to wrapping freshly baked cookies. Baking parchment is both useful and aesthetically pleasing (🎶 brown paper packages, tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things! 🎶).

For a cleaner kitchen when baking, parchment is fundamental!


  1. Pastry Brush

A pastry brush, again, is a tool that doesn’t immediately spring to mind when one thinks about essential baking tools. However, this little addition to your baking toolkit will prove indispensable. From butter glazing to egg washing and even grease proofing cake tin sides, you’ll find yourself using a pastry brush time and time again (and often saving your fingers from the messiest jobs); trust me, I’m talking from experience here.


  1. The Cooling Rack

Get baking essentials - wilko cooling rack

It is probably one of the most underrated baking essentials, often discarded as an unnecessary extra. However, when you get baking, you’ll soon realise a cooling rack will get used every time. I bet you won’t catch Mary Berry cooling her cookies on a naked work surface. Blasphemy.


And that’s it, your get baking quick toolkit. Realistically, when it comes to kitchen appliances there is a never-ending list, but these 10 essentials will get you off the ground and then hopefully next year you’ll be part of the televised team that’s terrified of soggy bottoms.