Property Porn Alert: You Could Own this Island for Sale

Fancy owning your very own island? Well now you can with this affordable island for sale; property porn doesn’t get better than this…

Neil Risk Solicitor and Estate Agent are currently representing the sale of the entire northern tip of a picturesque Shetland island for sale, the Fethaland. And the best part? For the last 80 years, it’s been completely uninhabited, in fact, to even reach the island you’ll have to do so on foot or by an off-road ready car because no public roads serve it.

Property porn: Island for sale - Fethaland Picture 1

Oh, and for the real best bit, the island for sale could be yours for just £595,000; (which in London would only afford you an 8ft wide home).

Island for Sale: The Details

So, what will your £600k actually buy you? Well, other than living in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the UK, (the Shetland Isles), you’ll be the proud owner of 130 hectares of land. That’s over 321 acres – which is the equivalent to over 160 football pitches, yikes.

Island for sale - Fethaland Picture 2

The area is made up of five parts – four crofts (which are small-scale farms) and a four-bedroomed family house located in the most northern village of the Shetland Isles, North Roe.

The four crofts consist of the main Fethaland area that is the northern tip of the Shetland mainland, and three smaller tenanted crofts called Hooplees, Largarth and Houllsquoy.

Property porn: Island for sale - Fethaland Picture 3

The island for sale has been uninhabited for 80 years – ensuring it as a rural dream for anyone looking for truly remote, uninterrupted tranquillity. Imagine the off-the-beat life you could lead, properly getting green-fingered and all the things you could grow?

This property porn is ideal for walkers and wildlife enthusiasts that’ll fall in love with the idyllic location since it’s commonplace to spot killer whales, puffins and ospreys.

Island for sale - Fethaland Picture 4

The land and properties have been owned by David Murray’s family for more than 150 years and lovingly maintained to a breath-taking standard.

Do you fancy being an island owner? Grab this island of sale, FOR JUST £595,000! (We’ll race you to the estate agents).


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