National Watermelon Day: 10 Inspired Home Décor Items!

It’s national watermelon day, the sun’s out in London (kind of) and it’s nearly the weekend (it’s not) – do we need any more reason to put together a collection of our favourite watermelon inspired home décor picks? I don’t think so (we probably do).

To celebrate national watermelon day, this coveted national holiday that everyone knows and looks forward to, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite watermelon essentials. From prints to lights and actual culinary equipment, this list has got everything a national watermelon day celebrator will need!

National Watermelon Day: The List!

1. Watermelon Print | £8.00

national watermelon day - Watermelon print from Etsy

We couldn’t celebrate national watermelon day without a nod towards Baby, refusing to be put in corners since 1987.

This lovely print is available on Etsy for just £8.00. It will look wonderful topping off a stack of colour cordinated books, a sideboard, windowseal, bookshelve – basically anywhere it can get propped. Likewise a fabulous gift for a Dirty Dancing fanatic!


2. Food Storage Lid | £12-14

national watermelon day - Watermelon saucepan and food storage lid from John Lewis

Is any kitchen complete without a watermelon food storage lid? We think not. This funky little number comes in two sizes and retails for £12-£14.

Not only does it look great, but it’s wonderfully versatile too. The silicone lid creates a vacuum seal on any smooth surface, preventing the food inside from drying out during storage – fab; but it also means that it can be used to replace cling film or tin foil to seal in heat during cooking and it’s safe up to 220°C! The possibilities are endless.

3. Ornament | £7.00

national watermelon day - watermelon hanging ornament from House of Fraser

If national watermelon day isn’t a huge holiday in your home (you should make it one), you can add a small ornament, like these hanging watermelons from House of Fraser, for just £7.

Not only are small, cute and unsuspecting enough to remain all year but they’ll turn an ordinary door handle into one in a melon (we’ll see ourselves out now).

4. Slicer | £4.88

national watermelon day - Watermelon Slicer from WayFair

On the other hand, you could be the type of family that counts down the days until national watermelon day (don’t we all). If that’s the case, your watermelon themed party just simply won’t be complete without this handy watermelon cutter. Useful for almost nothing else, only cutting watermelons – totally useful and worth buying.

5. Keg Kit | £20.99

national watermelon day - Watermelon Keg Tap Kit from Tesco Driect

If you are less cute watermelon hors devours and more college dorm, and fancy taking your watermelon themed party up a notch then the Final Touch Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit from Tesco might do the trick. This little beauty is innovation at its finest. And seriously, all jokes aside, this will be a wonderful show-stopper for any kind of hosting (particularly of the summer variety).

Watch this guide on YouTube of how to your watermelon into a keg, and you’ll be away in no time at all.

6. Scented Candle | £18.00

watermelon candle (1)

So far, this list has pleased the eyes and mouth, and now it’s time to treat the nose too!

Fill your home with a welcoming ambience with this fragranced candle, complete with a refreshing and fruity watermelon scent and handpainted for a playful finishing aesthetic. Perfect to freshen the air after a big house clean!

7.  Sequin Cushion | £15.00 £7.00

national watermelon day - Sequien Watermelon Cushion from Laura Ashley

Even Laura Ashley are excited about national watermelon day! Grab this cute throw cushion for just £7 to create a magnificent kitsch style by partnering it with more gaudy pillows.

8. Fairy Lights | £12.00

national watermelon day - Warermelon fairylights from Littlewoods

These fabulously fruity fairy lights are sure to get the juices flowing for your Watermelon Day celebration party (don’t pretend you’re not having one). Light up any room this national watermelon day by switching on this twee chain.

9. Wallpaper | Starts at £0.77

Watermelon Wallpaper (1)
[Buy it here]
We’re not suggesting that you should redecorate a room for your Watermelon Day party – we’re just saying that it would be a good touch. If you’re that much of a fan then maybe you’ll want to celebrate all year around…

Okay, jokes aside, this wallpaper, which is available from Etsy, is tres cute and very in-tune with the current Kitsch revival. Whether you’re decorating a study and fancy something energetic, your daughters’ room and want something fun, (that’s not too childish and can stay for a few years), or just want a lively background for a utilitarian room this is the perfect addition.

10. Doormat | £29.00

watermelon-door-mat-350090 (1)

A little fruity fun never hurt anyone. National Watermelon Day is the perfect excuse to update your tatty (and let’s be honest, boring) doormat with this fun and vibrant alternative. The bold red and green colours are ideal for brightening up a normally dull and unnoticed object. Thia doormat is made from natural coconut fibre.

So, there you have it, everything you need to throw the best national watermelon day themed party (minus actual watermelons, you should probably get those too).

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