Office Refurbishment Tips to Make your Desk Feel like Home

Office spaces are notoriously uninspiring, thanks to the bulk buy of standard items and a limited list of absolute necessities. When it comes to working at your designated desk, it can be easy to become a little… stagnant. While you can’t undertake a whole office refurbishment, you can jazz up and personalise your own corner to create a little haven that’ll get you working proactively – and have your colleagues turning green.

Office Refurbishment Tips

  1. Potted Plant for One Please

office desks - potted plants (1)
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Bringing the outside in is an interior design theme that’s been around for decades but has been truly dominating 2017.

If you are only picking one tip for your office refurbishment, then this is the one to go with. Office spaces lack nature, anything homely or that’s comforting to us. They’re often very clinical and sterile places, which create lacklustre surroundings.

By opting for a little-potted plant (a cactus is a great one), you’ll constantly be reminded that there is still a world outside; even if it doesn’t feel like it on a Monday afternoon!

  1. Original Ornament

A little (or large) ornament of your choosing will instantly brighten your desk and give it a little life. Depending on where you look, you can find all sorts of things at low prices.

An even better idea would be to bring a piece of home décor into your office to remind you of home and make it even more personal!

I, for instance, have a silver bulldog sitting proudly on my desk from The Range to remind me of my dogs!

  1. Framed Picture

Hopefully, it doesn’t, but sometimes when work can grind us down if there’s a lot on; it can be hard to remember the reason why we’re there. The best way to avoid this is by having a picture of either a family member, friend, partner or pet as a constant reminder to give you motivation!

The personal touch is cheap to achieve as part of your office refurbishment and will make your desk feel super homely.

  1. Desk Organiser & Pen Pot

John Lewis Home Office - Rose Gold Desk Organiser
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You know what they say: a messy desk makes for a messy mind.

It shouldn’t do, but a messy desk doesn’t look good to colleagues – and a cramped workspace will limit creativity. Feel your mind (and your arms) by having a spring clean at work.

If you have lots of paper, reports, and notepads on your desk, start by clearing out what you don’t need anymore. Then either stack them and top with your potted plant, or, invest in a chic rose gold desk organiser – it’ll add a sense of subtle glamour to your desk!

  1. Upgrade to a Throne

modern office desk with fur rug chair
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Every employer has an obligation to ensure your utmost comfort and safety whilst at work, so as part of your personal office refurbishment you should evaluate your sitting arrangements. If you’re experiencing any discomfort, strain or not sitting correctly, then you should ask for a replacement!

(Asking for a fur rug like the one in the photo might be a bit extreme though!)

  1. Office Jumper

Sitting down for long periods of time makes us cold, especially if you’re sat underneath the air-conditioning like me (sigh). So, be prepared with a comfortable jumper, hoodie or cardigan nearby. Ensure that it’s a loose fit so that it can be pulled easily over work attire and slipped off quickly when you’re called into a meeting.

Nothing will make you feel more at home like an over-sized cardigan to wrap yourself up in!

  1. Personalised Mouse Mat

Now, this may sound like a cheesy one, but it doesn’t have to be an image of grinning cheeks printed by Moonpig.

An ordinary black mouse mat will get lost in the sea of equipment in an office, so a simple colour or patterned mat will catch eyes. An even better choice would be metallic or rose gold finish to match your desk organiser!

  1. Personalised Computer Background

It will cost nothing and take you 30 seconds to complete. We’re sure that you’ve changed the factory settings on your personal laptop, so why haven’t you done so at work?

As part of your personal office refurbishment take a minute to pick a photo that you like as your background (nothing naughty of course); something that will remind you of home – or a holiday snap perhaps!

On its own, this may seem like a tiny point, but when combined with the whole list, it’ll tie your desk theme together nicely.

  1. Fresh Cut Flowers

modern office desk with sunglasses, phone and fresh cut flowers - office refurbishment
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This office refurbishment tip is, obviously, dependent on time, space and resources. You could perhaps treat yourself to a small bunch of fresh cut flowers at the start of each month, after payday (or during that time of the month).

A small vase with some handpicked sunflowers in the summer will work wonders for your desk atmosphere.

  1. Personalised Password

Upgrade your drab password routine from OfficeBlock123 to MrTinkles5000.

  1. Motivational Poster

modern office desk with a large motivational picture frame - office refurbishment
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Featured quotes are not over yet, and they never will be. The framed quote will act as a print or poster for your desk. How about displaying the image in a chic metallic frame? Or perhaps a rose gold one to match your other office desk bits.

  1. Small Lamp

It may seem arbitrary since your office is sure to provide ample lighting. But it’s more the idea of having a creature comfort that’ll make your desk feel homely. And again, it depends on how much space you’re playing with.

  1. Corkboard or Wire Rack

office desks - ornament (1)
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It has been proven that displaying things like lists, ideas and deadline dates make people more productive. Don’t lie, we all love manually ticking things off a to-do list. Imagine how satisfying that’ll be if the list is visually displayed on a cork board behind your computer?

Once you’ve got your cork board, you can start pinning all sorts of things, notes, postcards, photos – whatever makes you feel at ease!

  1. Personal Notepads and Pens

If you’re making space feel more like home, then you should be taking any opportunity to inject your personality; and you can start by bringing in your own notepads and pens. Steer clear of the boring hand out from the stationary cupboard (or at least banish them to a set of drawers for emergency use), and bring in a matching set adorned with your favourite colours!


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