Pantone 136 U: Colour of the Month: June ’17

It’s officially June, the month of long evenings in pub gardens, BBQ’s full of meat, and unsightly sunburn. But while you’ve been whipping up a jug of sangria, we’ve been shifting through colours to be crowned Colour of the Month for June 2017.

Here’s the shade you should be looking out for:

Colour of the Month:

Introducing, PANTONE 136 U.

PANTONE 136 U [poster]

A summary, muted orange that’s bursting with warmth. The colour showcases the seasonal change into fully-fledged summer but lacks the vibrancy of a blazing orange that August would flaunt.

This hue also reflects the new interior design, and the general creative world, obsession with pastel colours with its subdued matte style.

Pantone 136 U Specifications:

Core values:

RGB:                      255 173 74
HEX/HTML:        #ffad4a
CMYK:                  0 27 80 0

Works Well With:

Well, we’re biased because we just picked PANTONE 136 U as our Colour of the Month, but we think it’s hugely versatile. Thanks to its warmth, the shade works well with most colours on the warmer end of the scale and could be easily incorporated into most interior designs.

However, if you’re looking for a more specific answer, these tones will pair perfectly with PANTONE 136 U:


A complementary colour is the opposite end of the colour spectrum, so if you combine the two, they cancel each other out (creating either white or black); and despite sitting at complete opposites with each other, they tend to complement perfectly.

#5c4aff (purple/blue)

RGB:                      92 71 255
64 71 0 0

purple/blue #5c4aff


Monochromatic colour schemes are all the colours (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. Tints are achieved by adding white to the base hue, while shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker colour, like grey or black.

Using monotone colour palettes for an interior designer has a bunch of benefits, for instance, it creates a sense of simplicity and harmony, it’s easy to design (since you don’t have to worry about matching colours), and monotone backgrounds allow contrasting elements to stand out.

#e6b171 (dark nude)

RGB:                      230 177 113
0 23 51 10

dark nude #e6b171#


Analogous colours sit next to each other on the colour wheel. The colour schemes reflect those often found in nature, and because of this, create serene and comfortable interior design themes.

#ffdb4a (sunshine yellow)            #ff804a (orange)

RGB:                      255 219 74          RGB:                      255 128 74
0 14 71 0              CMYK:                  0 50 71 0

sunshine yellow #ffdb4a                              burnt orange #ff804a

Looks Good On:

Obviously, we think it looks good on everything, but if you’re not looking to redecorate your whole home, then we’ve picked a few accent pieces that’ll have Pantone 136 U shining a summery orange throughout your home in no time.


Laura ashley orange wallpaper
[Photo Credit]
Spice up your hallway with a dash of terracotta wallpaper from Laura Ashley. The design, a floral pattern adorned with birds, perfectly surmises the warmth and liveliness of summer!


gingerlily fiesta fitted sheet house of fraser
[Photo Credit]
A fiery fiesta bedsheet from Gingerlily at the House of Fraser will bring this seasonal shade into your boudoir. If you pair the colour with another to offset it’ll contrast well, especially a neutral shade like black or white as it’ll showcase the orange tone and place it centre stage.


laura ashley orange pillow, pantone 136 U
[Photo Credit]
If you’re just looking for something small to feature just a touch of vibrancy, this Nigella Mango Square Velvet cushion will do just the trick!

So that’s it, Pantone 1236 U, the subtle summery shade to decorate your home with this June to get your interior design in line with the season.

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