9 Easy Youtube Recycling DIY Tutorials You’ll Love

Recycling DIY tutorials are popping up thick and fast these days; whether you have broken items in your house that you loathe to throw away, or you like to browse second-hand shops, flea markets, or even roadside skips for recycling treasures, there are some fantastically ingenious ideas out there. These tutorials can help you to give used items a new lease on life, reduce your carbon footprint and add a touch of style to your home.

As you are probably aware, YouTube vloggers have become the new stars of the DIY interior design world. Offering inventive and thrifty hacks and ‘how-tos’ on anything from pallet furniture to homemade lampshades and wall art. Here we’ve collected 9 of the quickest, most creative and ‘do-able’  recycling DIY tutorials for you to get your teeth into.

Recycling DIY tutorials:

1. Pallet Table

pallet furniture 2 (1)
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There are so many suggestions on the internet for the repurposing pallets for furniture that the mind almost boggles. Where to begin? If this is your first-time working with pallets, then this is the tutorial for you. Many of the others assume a lot of knowledge and skill. Not to mention tools, so we love this tutorial from PaintyCloud for its simplicity and clarity, and we think you will too.

The video starts with a list of tools, the items required and continues with clear overlaid textual instructions and useful diagrams throughout. No steps are missed out – although the film speeds up in places to save you time – and, at just under 8 minutes in length, it ticks all the boxes.

The end product is fantastic and would look great in your living room or on your patio outside. We love the wood stain used in this tutorial, but you could, of course, get creative with coloured paint and even add a glass top to give it an even smoother finish.

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2. Tyre Planter

Tyre Planter by Builder’s Fan

The second on the list of recycling DIY tutorials is an engaging video from a garden specialist, Tanya Visser. She is on the Builders DIY channel on how to create funky wall planters from recycled tyres. At under 5 minutes, the video is super-quick and, in terms of a level of difficulty, this is a project that anyone could tackle. You could even get the kids involved with the painting and potting of the plants.

As with all of the best tutorials, this video includes a list of what you’ll need to get started and also some handy hints that pop-up on the screen. Such as the type of potting soil that you’ll need and what plants would work best in this setting.

These will look great on the wall in your garden wall, or on your balcony if you don’t have a garden, especially if you are short on space. You could also play with colours to see what would work best in your garden. Happy potting!

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3. Blanket Ladder

blanket ladder (1)
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Blanket Ladder by U & I DIY

A blanket ladder is one of those items that you never knew you needed until you started trawling the internet for interior design and recycling ideas and saw how fabulous they look.

And they don’t just look great; they are a practical piece for living rooms and bedrooms for storing your extra quilts, blankets or throws. You could also use this item as a towel holder in your bathroom.

There is also a large number of ladder repurposing tutorials out there on the net for creating various types of shelving. They tended to be a bit more involved, so we picked this one from U&I DIY as a good, simple project to get you started. There also a number of build-from-scratch tutorials if you are feeling more ambitious.

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4. Yarn Lamp

This 9 minute tutorial from MADE Everyday shows you how to make a globe-shaped yarn lamp out a ball of yarn, a bouncy ball, and some wall PVA glue, with an end product that looks like it was bought in a high-end interior design shop.

The process is simple and straightforward but also a little messy. Regarding colour, size, and shape (you can apply the technique to any shape as long as it is covered in film to prevent sticking) the possibilities are almost endless.

Although it’s not the shortest video on our list, we picked this particular tutorial because it’s fun and she doesn’t leave out a single detail. You’ll have lots of fun too with this one. Plus your friends won’t believe that your lamp is not shop bought.

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5. Decoupage Chairs

DIY tutorial - decoupage chair (1)
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This made it to the list of recycling DIY tutorials because decoupage is every at the moment, and A Fancy Home LOVES it. Tutorial on furniture decoupage is one of our favourites as it allows you to get creative and the results are stunning. So, if you have been wondering what to do with your tatty old dining room chairs, or perhaps you could see the potential for something beautiful with an old chair dumped on the roadside or in a skip, this is the one for you.

In this great video, which runs for less than 5 minutes, Heather Rohrer takes an old chair that she found on the street and transforms it into something more like a piece of art. Once you’ve mastered the technique of decoupage, you can apply it to other pieces of furniture, and the sky’s the limit in terms of theme, colour, and self-expression.

Heather gives loads of tips on how to get the best results and she also links to this video to another longer one of her earlier tutorials on a dining table decoupage that she has completed. This goes into even more detail on technique and the potential pitfalls of this process.

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6. DIY Art – Photos On Wood

Transferring your photos or an image that you love onto wood is so simple that, with the right materials, anyone could do it. The results are beautiful as the grain and feel of the wood comes through the images.

The tutorial we have chosen here covers the process for creating a piece of wall art. This would make a great gift or something for your home, but of course, this technique could also be applied to table tops, chairs, dressers, etc.

We particularly like this video by bubblebabyXoXo because there is no heavy product placement, no irritating voice-overs or terrible music, she covers every part of the process with the visuals and text and even shows you some of the mistakes that she has made along the way. And of course, the finished article is stunning.

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7. Pallet Sofa

DIY tutorial - pallet chair (1)
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If you are already quite handy with a power drill and looking for something a little bit ambitious, this tutorial from Olllaris on recycling pallets into a sofa is the one for you.

At only 2 minutes this is one of the shorter videos on this list. But it doesn’t miss out any steps in terms of the construction of the sofa. There are also textual notes and instructions to follow.

This tutorial provides the basic idea which is endlessly adaptable in terms the finish that you would like to achieve with paint, or stain and of course soft furnishings.

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8. DIY Tyre Ottoman

And now for something completely different. Some would call this a simple rope-wrapped tyre seat while others might want to describe it as a sophisticated Ottoman. Tomato, tom-ah-to. Potato, po-tah-to… you’re going to love this one.

This quick and quirky tutorial from Threadbanger’s Man vs. Pin injects a little bit of wry humour and honesty into the project and, at just seconds over 5 minutes, it’s well worth your time. In it, Rob pits his DIY skills against Pinterest DIY challenges set by viewers.

You might take the tip from his girlfriend and stick to the more natural coloured rope, but the colour is completely up to you and whatever you choose the process remains the same.

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9. Decking

And the last of the recycling DIY tutorials is a super simple approach to building a deck out of pallets in your back garden. For a project this size, or any serious pallet project for that matter, it would be great if you could get your hands on a power sander and drill – beg, buy or borrow. As it will save you time.. and splinters.

We like this video from Ray Mastroleo because, at just over 3 minutes, it’s quick and you’ll see that he has also applied the ‘super simple approach’ to making a Youtube tutorial. He uses only still photos of the build but covers all aspects of the process.

This kind of project is going to take some time of course but will transform your outside space. You could even get friends round to come and help before you finally get to fire up the barbie.

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