Hidden Storage Ideas for the Hoarder

Stuff: we all have too much of it. The new year is a typical time to trim down, tone up and throw out. However, for the rest of the year, we seem to be intent on accumulating more of that STUFF and have little storage. So, if you’re a hoarder, why not break the cycle and keep on top of your clutter before it gets out of hand with some savvy hidden storage ideas?

First of all, you might not want to, but you should and can clear out your old things. Clearing out requires a strong will, try the “if I haven’t used it, worn it or looked at it in 12 months I’ll get rid of it” approach. That’s easier said than done, a better idea is to get a friend to sort it with you, and you do theirs in return – they’re likely to be far more ruthless with your things (just don’t go home with a pile of each other’s unwanted goods)!

When you’re sorting through your things, put them into three piles: keep, ditch and gift. Charity shops will be happy to receive the gift pile, but make sure it’s all in good order and clean.

Afterwards, you’ll feel a lot better, certainly more organised, and ready to tackle the issue of re-shuffling what’s left. Many of us live in small spaces, and it may seem impossible to find space to house all our belongings. What are the best tips and hacks, for those hidden storage solutions? Well, these are our top 5 hidden storage ideas, 1 for each room of your home.

Hidden Storage Ideas

1. Hall

Understair storage ideas (1)
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Under the stairs is not just for Harry Potter to hang out. It might be an awkward shape, but getting a carpenter to fashion some storage here is a brilliant and space-saving idea. Create extra storage with shaped and fitted cupboards and drawers that pull out, which you can then fill with shoes, hang up the dog’s lead, or use it as a toy storage after the kids have been put to bed. Hide your cleaning products, your vacuum cleaner in the tallest part, and slide them all out of sight, leaving only a hallway with an excellent first impression.

2. Bedroom

Bedroom storage ideas (1)
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Your bedroom might be small, but there’s lots of space hidden away under your bed, so use it. Banish the dust bunnies and reclaim some wasted and unused space. Use old drawers – check out the local tip – and add castors for a cheap and cheerful storage idea that simply slides away out of sight.

3. Kitchen

Kitchen hidden storage ideas (1)
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Ingenious storage is available these days for kitchen units and cupboards. A trip to any DIY store will inspire you with lots of storage ideas, especially to renew the inside carcases of your existing kitchen units. They’re usually deep, so stack them with wire racks for plates, all available and in clear sight. Small space to the side of your fridge-freezer? Then make or buy a narrow, tall shelf and sort out your spices, add a set of cheap casters and slide it out when you want to create a curry or cook up a storm in the kitchen.

4. Bathroom

Bathroom storage ideas (1)
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The smallest room in the house can be big on hidden storage ideas. Buy colourful baskets and stash all your smellies, use a tall rack to store them out of sight. What about your bath? All that storage space underneath is so wasteful. Tilting sides allow you to store those spare loo rolls, cleaners, and those bargain 2-for-1 shower gel bottles. Like a long mirror? Buy one that has storage behind it in a box frame. Simply swing it open to reveal all of your cosmetics, perfume, potions, and lotions.

5. Living Room

Living Room Hidden Storage Ideas (1)
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You probably spend a lot of time in the living room, so it’s nice to keep it tidy; especially since it’s the place to welcome callers and visitors to your home. Sofas and seating with storage under the seats are a boon, or use draws under your coffee table. Box frame pictures can hide keys, a safe, or anything else you want out of plain sight. A window seat can be used to store toys or extra cushions and throws underneath.

This is just the start of your smart storage ideas journey, once you begin thinking like a DIY expert you’ll find savvy storage in the most unlikely places in your home. If you want more storage ideas, DIY tips or interior design news then follow us on Facebook for daily updates on your favourite topics.