Home Decoration: 10 Home Décor Buys Under £10!

Even those of us with the nicest, interior designed homes will have quirks and annoyances that we want to tweak; after all, there’s always room for (home) improvement. However, not all of us will have the purse size to stretch to continual updating, replacing and renovating. Alas, you are not alone; it’s a burden most of us must bear.

However, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again when it comes to home decoration the smallest changes can have the largest impact. AND IT DOESN’T NEED TO COST THE EARTH. To prove this testament, we’ve put together a collection of good quality home décor buys under £10 – Cinderella, you will go to the ball!

10 Home Décor Buys Under £10:

1. Small Cushion Cover

Small Lotus Cushion Cover - House of Bath - home decor buys under £10

First, on the list of home décor buys under £10 is this fab, vibrant cushion cover from House of Bath for just £7.00. That is incredible value for such extravagant luxury. The busy lotus pattern and the energetic orange colour palette is sure to mix up your throw cushion collection and steal centre stage!

2. Wire Mesh Basket

Mesh Wire Basket from T.K.Maxx - home decor buys under £10

This incredibly chic wire mesh basket (from T. K. Maxx for just £7.99) had to make the list of home décor buys under £10. When it comes to home decoration, people tend to only show their personality through decorative items – when this is the perfect example of how style doesn’t need to be hindered by functionality.

It would look great as part of an industrial interior design theme.

3. Retro Alarm Clock

Retro Alarm Clock Green - Waterstones - home decor buys under £10

Never be late again with this beautiful, retro green alarm clock from Waterstones, checking in at only £9.99. It’s a deal; it’s a steal; it’s the sale of the century!

4. Micro-Fibre Bath Mat

Stripy Microfibre Bobble Bath Mat - Bright Stripes - home decor buys under £10

Next up on the lift of cracking things A Fancy Home thinks are wonderful home décor buys under £10, is this £8.90 micro-fibre rug from Tesco Direct. Honestly, we nearly fell to the floor when we saw this.

This rug is the ideal Home Décor for jazzing up a plain bathroom; and thanks to the different clothes in it, you can pick which you like the most to pull out by adding other items to complete the look. Not only that, but the micro-fibre makes it fantastically absorbent and ideal for bathroom use.

10/10 to Tesco!

5. Faux Fur Door Stop

Linea Grey Faux Fur Doorstop - House of Fraser - home decor buys under £10

Fur is very on-trend right now. We see it everywhere; as rugs on the floor draped over chairs, and as throw pillows to add texture and depth to a display. It’s no surprise that the material has been made into door-stops too.

This furry number has been reduced to £10 on House of Fraser. No need to worry if it’ll fit your colour scheme, the grey colour is a perfect neutral shade, allowing it to join seamlessly to any existing home décor palette.

6. Iridescent Glass Tealight Holder

Iridescent Glass Tea Light Holder - John Lewis - home decor buys under £10

Next up is this iridescent glass tealight holder from John Lewis; and we LOVE IT. Firstly it’s an absolute steal at just £2.50, secondly (a personal opinion here) we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything iridescent, and lastly because it’s John Lewis you know it’s going to be good quality.

For £2.50 you can’t say no! (Well, you can, but you’d be stupid to do so, our online order is just processing).

7. Copper Candlestick Holder

Copper Candlestick by Made.com - home decor buys under £10

This copper candlestick holder is another wonderful home décor buy under £10, we know, we’re as shocked as you. It rings in at just £8 from Made.com.

The medium-sized, angular candlestick is endlessly chic and stylish and would work well both on its own and as a part of a mix-match candleholder collection.

8. Storage Jar

Wildon Home Cosy Bungalow 1L Storage Jar Reviews Wayfair.co.uk - home decor buys under £10

This twee little storage jar has a capacity of 1L, and will only set you back £8.47 from Wayfair. It’s perfect for displaying mundane items in a cute way… coffee, sugar or tea bags blah blah blah.

A row of these little storage jars will be perfect for any kitchens looking for a shabby chic or traditional country style theme.

9. Blue and Orange Ceramic Vase

SEB Blue and orange ceramic vase - Habitat - home decor buys under £10

(Sadly we’re not talking about the little shark decor;) you may or may not know that WE LOVE CERAMICS, so we got super excited when spotting this gorgeous two-tone pot on Habitat for just £8.

This little guy will make the perfect present (especially when coupled with a small rustic bouquet of flowers) or addition to a bare shelf in need of some colour.

10. Cement Plant Pots

Cement pots with metallic trim from Etsy - home decor buys under £10

Last, but certainly not least on the list of home décor buys under £10: this super on-trend bunch of three cement and metallic paint flower pots from Etsy – you can get the lot for just £8!?

The interior design rule of thumb is odd numbers – is there a little psychology behind why this works (but we won’t get into it). Either way, we can see these little pots looking wonderful lined on a bookshelf.


We hope that this list of home décor buys under £10 has restored your faith in homeware stores. It doesn’t require a rainbow’s pot of gold to inject a little life into your home! Make sure to like A Fancy Home on Facebook, if you want to stay up-to-date on more cheap home décor.