10 Tips for a Guest Room to Make it More Appealing

Whatever the season, whenever you have people coming over to stay you want to make them feel welcome, cushioned and cosy. Your guest room is not only a place for them to enjoy a good night’s sleep but also space where they can take some time out to relax and enjoy a little peace and quite alone. So, when it comes to tips for a guest room, just imagine what you would look for in a room in order to feel at home.

You want to make sure that your friends and family will always want to come back again. They may even be inspired to offer the same comforts when you come to visit at their home.

Tips for a Guest Room:

1. Get Rid of Your Clutter

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Every other day of the year your spare room may double up as an office, a laundry or a dumping ground for your clutter, but when you have guests coming, you should clear the space of all the detritus so that they feel comfortable and welcomed. While you are doing this, throw the windows open to give the room a bit of an airing and then give it a once-over with a duster and the vacuum to avoid the impression that no one has entered since there since the last time they came to visit.

2. Allow Your Guest Some Hanging Space

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Make room for their things by relocating your clothes and shoes elsewhere. It may mean that you must temporarily put up with some extra stuff in your room, but you could look at it as a chance to have a clear out and make a trip to the charity shop with any unwanted items. Be sure also to provide plenty of hangers and some kind of luggage stand if you can. No wardrobe? No problem. Put some hooks on the back of the door, with hangers of course, and clear out some drawers or look into under-bed storage options.

3. Make a Sumptuous Bed

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An inviting bed is a key to a good night’s sleep and a memorable guest room experience. Always use your best fresh linen and remember to layer up with extra pillows and cushions for maximum comfort. If your guests are visiting in the winter, it’s a lovely touch give their bed a quick blast with an electric blanket before bedtime and consider adding a mattress topper to increase the cosy bliss factor as they slip into bed on a cold winter’s night. And don’t forget the mattress protector if you are hosting a young family – anything can happen when small children are involved, so be prepared.

4. Provide Bedside Lighting

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Good bedside lighting on both sides of the bed is an absolute must in any comfortable guest room. Your visitors do not want to be getting up to go to the light switch on the other side of the room and stubbing their toes on unfamiliar pieces of furniture on their way back to the bed.

5. Stock Up the Bookshelf

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Be sure to supply some reading matter in your guest room for those who like to have a read at bedtime. Offer a good variety to meet the varied tastes of your visitors, such as good novels, autobiographies, magazines and some old standards that are easy to dip in and out of. It’s also a good idea to have some children’s story books available for friends with young families.

6. Dress Your Window for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Returning to the issue of lighting, if you want to ensure that your friends and family sleep well in your home, do not skimp on this important aspect of your guest room. Make sure that curtains and blinds provide adequate coverage to keep that bright early morning light at bay. If your spare room is in the loft conversion, do not neglect to install blinds on the skylights. There is nothing worse, when you are playing away from home, than being ripped from your slumber, the morning after the night before, by the harsh light of day. And anyone with small children in tow will be forever grateful if you have installed a blackout blind in your guest room.

7. Provide A Good Mirror And Dressing Table

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Allowing space for dressing and makeup, and providing a good mirror. These are great touches that you can add to this room offering comfort and convenience to your guests. A good mirror with flattering lighting in the bedroom will also keep the bathroom free for the more pressing needs of all the family members. And a full-length mirror, while not essential, will also be greatly appreciated.

8. Don’t Forget the Extras

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Do remember to provide plenty of fresh towels, blankets and extra bedding for your visitors. That way they won’t have to keep on asking where they might find the things that they need, or worse, suffer in silence because they don’t want to bother you with lots of requests. Other things that you might want to offer are bathrobes and slippers as well as the essential bathroom products plus a few luxury ones if you’re going to make them feel pampered. At the very least have toothbrush and toothpaste and even a razor handy for those impromptu sleepovers. We all know that the unplanned get-togethers are the best ones.

9. Water and Other Refreshments

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If you want to avoid your guests disturbing the whole household and making midnight raids on your fridge, make sure that they have adequate water and refreshments, such as a fruit bowl, available in their room. If you know that you are going to enjoying a late night together, you could also put some paracetamol, or similar, in the bedside drawer to ward off any hangovers. You could go as far as turning down the beds and placing chocolates on the pillow, but do remember that you are not running a hotel.

10. Final Touches for your Guest Room

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And last but not least, you can add the final touches to the room such as fresh flowers on the windowsill, a small tray for coins and keys, and some artwork on the walls. Another thoughtful item to include is an alarm clock so that your guests don’t wake up in a strange bed not knowing the time or having to rely on you to wake them up in the morning. Be sure that whatever clock you choose is easy to operate and does not have an annoyingly loud tick, or spread too much light into the room, as this would not be conducive to peaceful sleep.

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