How To

Here at A Fancy Home we have one intention: to supply you with the best home improvement advice, the latest interior design news and the most interesting (and hopefully easy to follow) DIY guides on how to achieve the look in your own home. Excited? We are!

There is no greater pleasure than creating something yourself (okay, maybe with a little guidance but who’s keeping count?), especially something that can be gifted, displayed or even used (it’s easier to brag about that way).

If you’re a first time ‘how to’er, fear not, getting to grips with DIY is a lot easier than you think. Get reading some of our articles below to get started:

Home Decoration Guides

If you’re not a naturally crafty, artistic or hands-on person, the thought of repairing, making, building or creating can seem like a daunting one. BUT WAIT. It’s not, DIY doesn’t have to be a foreign task to the average homeowner.

Start small, pick simple guides or tasks; like painting furniture, painting a room, or crafting a unique and fun decorative item. Then, once you’re happy with the result so of those endeavours build up to the harder and more complex tasks; like replacing wallpaper, putting up shelves and even creating a cinema room! You’ll be amazed at what you cab do.

Fear not A Fancy Home readers, with the right guidance from our how-to articles you could be crafting in no time!