How to Build Under Bed Storage on Wheels

Most homeowners will understand the struggle between wanting a clean, uncluttered home and finding the necessary storage to make it a possibility. The biggest hindrance people face is thinking that storage is limited. Storage, like luck, can be created – if you’re willing to put the time and effort in! One place that’s frequently overlooked, but often has huge in term of storage, is under bed storage. Or, worse still, people acknowledge the under-the-bed potential and end up stuffing it with items that end up muddled, long-forgotten and hard to reach.

And that’s where A Fancy Home comes in. You’ll be astonished at how easy it is to build under bed storage on wheels that’ll not only keep your belongings out of sight but neatly packed and easily accessible.

Finished under bed storage on wheels
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What You’ll Need:

How to Build Under Bed Storage on Wheels


When it comes to obtaining an old drawer, it’ll be a lot easier than you imagine. Head to your nearest market or boot sale, where you will easily pick one up cheap. Why not try posting on a local buy and sell page on Facebook, seeking out an old chest of drawers that people are throwing away?

Tip: Before heading out, measure the height of the space between your bed and the floor, this will help you avoid purchasing a drawer with a depth that may be too big to fit!

How to Build Under Bed Storage on Wheels
Step 1: Preparing

If you’ve picked up an old drawer at a flea market, chances are it’ll need a little TLC. Firstly, take your sandpaper and give the box a little rough down, both inside and out. Sand off any stains, marks or uneven surfaces.

Once it’s nice and smooth, it’s time to apply the primer. Again, you should do this all over, not just the outside of the drawer. Leave this to dry fully.

How to Build Under Bed Storage on Wheels
Step 2: Painting

painting under bed storage on wheels
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When the primer is dry, it’s time to paint your soon-to-be storage box.

It’s worth pointing out at this point if the drawer you’ve got your hands on is a nice antique wood, instead of using priming and painting, you could varnish the sandpapered box. It will make a lovely rustic storage container.

You can paint and decorate your drawer any way you like. Here are a few ideas:

How to Decorate Your Underbed Storage:

  1. After priming your wooden storage boxes you could finish them with an all-over cream colour. A nice white or off-white cream will ensure neutrality and will fit with any bedroom’s colour scheme; likewise, it is the sleekest and minimalist design.
  2. Alternatively, you can make your new boxes really belong by painting them in either the same or similar colour to the room’s scheme. If you’re dubious of over-killing a colour by painting the whole drawer, you could try just painting the inside compartment with the outside a neutral white (or vice-versa).
  3. If you’re looking for something a bit jazzier, you could pick up some stencils and spray paint. Or, if you’re dab-hand at painting add free-hand funky shapes and designs for a truly personal touch.
  4. If you have leftover fabric laying around, after painting the drawer in a base colour, affix the fabric (using fabric glue) to either the front, inside bottom or inside walls to create feature panels.
  5. Or, you could always try your hand at some decoupage!

How to Build Under Bed Storage on Wheels
Step 3: Affixing the Wheels!

Under bed storage on wheels 02
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Once the drawer has the aesthetic you’d like and is completely dry, you can complete the final step towards storage heaven – attaching the castors.

Do this by laying your drawer upside down and placing your casters where you’d like them to positioned; (you may want to use a tape measure to ensure that they’re placed the same distance from the edge of the box).

Next, using a pencil, mark through the castors holes onto the wood. Pop the wheels to one side when you’ve done this.

Using a drill, and your pencil marks as a guide, drill holes into the wood.

Place your casters back into place, now over the fresh holes. Take your screws and drill them through the caster holes, affixing the wheel.

Tip: don’t drill the screws all the way, leave a little breathing room until all screws are in place. Then, go back around and tighten them all.

Repeat this process for the remaining casters!

Under bed storage on wheels 01
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VIOLA! How to build under bed storage on wheels, super easy huh? Why don’t you try hanging a picture next?

Check out the video below if you’d like to watch a video of how to build under bed storage on wheels. Stay up-to-date on more A Fancy Home DIY guides by liking us on Facebook!