How to Buy the Perfect Rug

The right rug can enhance and complete a room, so it’s important to make the right call when buying one for your home. There are quite a few factors to consider – is it even possible to buy the perfect rug? You need to contemplate the size of the rug (and how it will complement the room), what material to go for and of course the colour and design.

Calm down, calm down; it’s okay – it is possible to buy the perfect rug, just follow these steps:

How to Buy the Perfect Rug:

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Rug vs Carpet

A conundrum we might have when moving into a new home will be whether to install floorboards or go for carpet. Rugs can certainly help with this decision as we believe they’re the perfect companion to wooden or ceramic flooring.

Having said that, we’re fans of rugs above carpet too! They can add a lovely texture and colour to your carpeted room. However, we can’t stress how crucial it is that the rug complements your carpet, it should blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room. So keep an eye out to see if the rug and carpet are visually compatible with their colours and design.


So how do you go about deciding what size rug to go for? Of course, the size of your room is a huge factor, but we think rugs are great when they tie in bits of furniture together. For example, you can determine a seating area by ensuring the sofa, chair and table ‘connects’ to the rug. In larger spaces, they can be a lovely way to distinguish between different ‘zones.’

In general, the bigger the rug is, the better. A generously sized one can make the room feel spacious and welcome while a rug that is too small can make space feel confined.


The material of the piece is, of course, important if you’re looking for something that will last. If you can, always invest in 100% natural material rugs made of 100% wool, cotton or natural fibre. Rugs with blended materials tend to not hold up as well as they are made from lower quality materials. And these can end up being costly so bear this in mind.

If you are on a budget, there is nothing wrong with the blended options, just make sure to research the options to avoid drawbacks.


There are typically two types of designs you can go for: solid colour or pattern textured. If you are looking for a more discreet look, you should opt for a solid coloured rug. For the colour, choose one that will either complement or contrast with your furniture and room décor. We love warm and brighter colours as they give the room a lift.

We do prefer a patterned design, as we believe it adds dimension to the room. Some patterned rugs look stunning with some beautiful designs.

We especially love traditional Persian rugs the classic look is particularly classy and elegant.

Where to Buy

Obviously, there are lots of places that you can buy a rug, but is it the type of thing you want to invest in with a recommendation? Probably. So we’ve picked our favourite three that you can buy right now!

House of Fraser

Flair Rugs Scorpio Natural & Orche Wool Rug Range - how to buy the perfect rug
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Flair Rugs Scorpio Natural & Orche Wool Rug Range.

This jazzy number will liven up any room with a little art deco inspiration. The yellow and brown tones are neutral colours that’ll fit into almost any interior design theme!

Laura Ashley

windor duck egg woll rug
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This neutral Windsor Duck Egg Wool Rug from Laura Ashley is the perfect addition to a living room. The rug texture add a cosy feel while staying understated – allowing for existing feature pieces to remain the as the featured pieces!

John Lewis

sheep skin rug by John Lewis
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Single Sheepskin Rug in clover.

Nothing beats a natural sheepskin rug for that luxuriously soft, warm feel underfoot. The perfect way to add an instant touch of mid-century style to an uncarpeted room.

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