Life Hacks: How to Create a Cosy Room

We spend a huge amount of time in our home environments. It’s only natural that we want these spaces to permeate a cosy feel to help de-stress and relax. However, when you want to create a cosy room, without guidance it can be a daunting task, even for the design savvy.

Fear not, we’re here to walk you through the basics. We collected some simple tips and tricks on how to create a cosy room; things like necessary changes and what you should be paying attention to. We believe it’ll be well worth the effort since a home is where we go to unwind.

How to Create a Cosy Room:

Lighting and Atmosphere

How To Create A Cosy Room - layered lighting
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The choice of lighting will directly impact the mood of an environment – getting this right is the key to cosiness.

The main thing to avoid is overhead lighting; creating different depths of lighting by layering sconces, side table lamps or even a decorative reading lamp is an excellent way to provide light and highlight specific areas of space.

Another choice is to dust off your unused fireplace – bring it back to life for a gentle, warming light option. Perfect for a winters afternoon.


You can never introduce too much texture when you want to create a cosy room. Adding touches of varying textures throughout a room will bring the environment altogether.

Even if you decide to mix and match, (wools with stone or glass with metals), they will complement each other. Be cautious to limit yourself to 3-5 different varieties; you could overstimulate yourself and create an intense environment instead!

Aim for contrasting textures, such as an accent brick wall paired with the softness of a wool throw, you’ll add depth and comfort to a space with only a few simple changes.

Refurbishing Old and New

How To Create A Cosy Room - mid-century modern interior
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Make use of what you have. Just because you’re revamping an interior to create a cosy room that doesn’t mean your previous furniture must go to waste. Combining old and new items will create a theme that follows the typical look of a mid-century modern space. It will not only keep you up with modern interior trends, providing a fresh overall aesthetic, but it will also be timeless and easily altered to fit your needs in the future as well.

This combining technique works because older and well-known pieces of furniture soften the harshness of newly-decorated or overly themed rooms.

By getting rid of clutter with stealthy storage, you’ll be able to bring new life to pieces of furniture you already own. You would be surprised at how much of a classic statement can be made from what we already have.


The cosiest homes are the spaces that feel the most inviting and lived in. Introducing mindful placements throughout the room to keep decor and furniture at an equal balance will create a mood in itself. By strategically placing your seating area, bed, or other main focuses of the room in the centre for maximum natural light and closeness, you’ll find that the room will feel not only more lived in but also less lonely and empty; the space will become more like a living a breathing environment that’s welcoming.

How to Create the a Cosy Bedroom

If you’re looking to create a cosy bedroom then your bed should be the first place that you look. As temperatures cool, a comfortable, cosy bed is a must. It’ll soon become your Sunday morning haven (if it isn’t already).

Your bed should be a warm place to land at the end of the day. If your bed is too cold, it can be difficult to get to or stay asleep. You can make your bed warmer and cosier by updating your bedding for the winter with the right mattress, sheets, bedding, and other stylish things that can help you stay warm at night.

Choose a Mattress that Sleeps Warm

Some mattresses sleep hotter than others. For example, innerspring mattresses tend to be more breathable while memory foam mattresses often retain body heat. It’s important to remember that a mattress which retains body heat could be uncomfortable during the summertime, it can make your bed warmer and cosier during winter. So, unless you’re switching each season you should evaluate what’s more important to you.

If you don’t already own a memory foam mattress, consider a foam mattress topper. It can help keep your bed warm in the winter and be removed during warmer months.

Update Bedding for the Winter

Cool, breathable sheets are a lifesaver during hot summer months but they won’t do much to keep you warm when the temperature drops. So, switch to warmer bedding during the winter.


Flannel: flannel is warm, soft and cuddly – it does a great job of retaining body heat.

Fleece: fleece sheets are hypoallergenic, soft, and comfortable, like flannel with good temperature regulation.

Style Considerations:

It’s a good idea to swap out your covers for the winter as well. A light coverlet or quilt might be comfortable during summer but a comforter or duvet will be more appropriate for winter and will give you the opportunity to mix up your style throughout the year.

A down comforter can be cosy and offer the most warmth. Down comforters are a good alternative for allergy sufferer since they’re hypoallergenic. With a duvet cover, you can alternate the interior with down during the winter.

If you prefer to keep the same bed cover year-round, or don’t have the finances to keep switching between, then an additional fluffy blanket will do the trick!

Winter Sleepwear and Accessories            

create a cosy bedroom

What you wear to bed is just as important as what you sleep on when it’s time to cuddle up and doze off.

For You:

Warm pyjamas made of flannel or fleece can help keep you warm at night and when you get up on a frosty morning.

Top tip: place rugs or slippers next to your bed to reduce shocking temperature changes when stepping onto a cold floor.

For the Bed:

Likewise, warming items such as hot water bottles and electric blankets can help create a cosy bed. However, safety is key; hot water bottles can burst or cause contact burns and electric blankets can be a fire hazard.

When using a hot water bottle, you should always use a cover or wrap to prevent contact burn. Only use a hot water bottle to warm the bed and always remove it before going to sleep. Make sure to either empty it or place the hot water bottle out of reach. Never use a hot water bottle with an electric blanket and don’t lay on top of a water bottle. If it’s damaged in any way don’t hesitate to replace it.

Electric blankets can cause fires, so they should be used with caution. Don’t use a blanket older than 10 years and avoid both washing machines to clean it and running the cords under your mattress. Electric blankets with automatic shutoff are ideal, otherwise, you should turn the blanket off before you go to sleep. Never fold or bunch up the blanket when in use, and keep it away from pets as they can cause rips and tears that’ll expose the wiring.

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When you want to create a cosy room, you’ll be met with obstacles and road bumps, but by taking it slow and creating a space that makes you happy and warm from the atmosphere, you’ll accomplish your goal. It won’t happen overnight but with these subtle changes and alterations, you’ll have a space that you thrive in.

This was a guest post by Irina Vi, from Design Flicks. Irina is certified in advertising and relations, a specialist in design and a copywriter. And Sara Westgreen who is a researcher for the sleep science hub Tuck.