How to Remove Wallpaper Easily

When it comes to redecorating your house, stripping back the current decor is the first stage of getting the home of your dreams. It may seem like a myth, but it is possible to remove wallpaper easily; and with the right guidance, tools, and a little willpower you’ll have your walls back to their natural, neutral state and ready to decorate in no time!

Remove Wallpaper

What You’ll Need

  1. A wallpaper scoring roller
  2. 3/4 of bucket of hot water with 1/4 fabric softener (topped up with hot water from the kettle when needed)
  3. A bin
  4. Stiff spatula
  5. A butter knife

Prepare for Removal

Removing wallpaper is one of the messiest DIY jobs that you’ll undertake without employing a professional. Ensure the protection of your home by preparing the area. You can do this by laying dust sheets and removing fragile items from the room.

Likewise, make sure the wall itself is free from any objects, ornaments or hanging features that will be in the way and could get damaged in the process.

You’re going to be using liquid and getting a lot of the room wet, so we would advise turning off the electricity to the room, or at least each individual plug point.

Step 1: Remove the Facing

When you’re ready to start removing the wallpaper, do so by tearing off the facing. You can use a butter knife to lift the corners, which are usually the loosest areas.

You should complete this step without using water. This point is to remove the top layer of paper and leave the backing – this way it’ll soak up water better, making the rest of the job easier.

The older your wallpaper is, the harder it will be to remove and is likely to peel off in small chunks (or not at all). Fear not, that’s where the wallpaper scoring roller comes in.

removing old wallpaper

Step 2: Score the Wall

Take your wallpaper roller and roll it all over the wallpaper. Don’t press too hard as the marks may come through to your walls, which is not the effect that you want. You’ll want to make sure that you completely cover the whole surface of the walls doing this. Everywhere!

The scoring tool punches hundreds of little tiny holes in the wallpaper facing so the water can penetrate the backing (again making it easier to remove).

Scoring is particularly helpful if you’re removing glossy or vinyl wallpaper.

Step 3: Apply Hot Water Solution

Now you can start to apply the hot water solution to the walls. Make sure that the entire wall has been covered with the solution. Then repeat. Ensure that the paper is completely covered in the fabric conditioner solution.

Step 4: Remove Wallpaper Easily

Person removing wallpaper

Once saturated you should be able to remove wallpaper easily from the wall now, in large chunks. You may need to use a spatula for the tougher bits.Make sure to remove every little piece, including all paste.

You’ll find that you’ll need to reapply the solution after 10 to 15 minutes as things will start to dry up. You can then use your solution to wash the wall down completely, ready for paint or paper.

And there you have it, how to remove wallpaper easily! Now it’s time for the next step: learn how to hang wallpaper.