A Fancy Home Predicts 2018’s Interior Design Trends

2018 has officially kicked-off, which means a whole, uninterrupted 12-month stint of fashion and design shows, events, celebrity endorsements, social and cultural changes ahead. Which will all affect 2018’s interior design trends. What’s in? What’s out? What to expect on the walls? We’ve pooled together resources and research to create a list of our predictions for 2018’s interior design trends.

What’s Out of 2018’s Interior Design Trends?

Before you can start fresh you need to clear out the old, the unwanted and move on. For any interior design enthusiast or avid A Fancy Home reader, you’ll be well rehearsed in the big trends that dominated 2017. Millennial pink, industrial chic, mid-century modern… to name but a few.

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Millennial pink we think will cling for some time yet, as we don’t believe it’s been fully exhausted. However, A Fancy Home predicts a real noticeable decline in popularity throughout 2018.

Industrial chic, on the other hand, has been limping to an end in 2017; no-longer innovative or boundary-pushing the interior design style was showcased less and less throughout the year. We doubt industrial chic made it past the 10-second countdown on New Years’ Eve.

Likewise, mid-century modern style of interiors, we believe, will pant to an end as its punchier cousin, 70s style, takes a stronghold in 2018. But what will replace the leggy furniture and circular mirrors of showrooms, film sets and photoshoot backdrops?

What’s In 2018’s Interior Design Trends?

Marie Antoinette famously explained that things that seemed new were simply those that had been forgotten. This train of thought can still be applied to interior design trends today. Fashion, as we all know, runs in cycles; simply meaning we can enjoy things with renewed vigour when experienced after forgetting about it.

In: Curation | Out: Decoration

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We’ve always said that overly-decorated homes can feel too much like showrooms, too sterile and inhospitable. It’s no surprise that people are moving away from fully executing or sticking to just one interior design theme.

This shift is accelerated by the increase of “social media society” where “life success” is governed by social media updates – where have you been? What have you done? It’s no surprise that people are starting to curate knick-knacks and keepsakes from all their frequent adventures. Why have a replica when you’ve travelled to the destination and bought an original?

Also, curating home décor items creates an intensely personal environment and is the perfect antidote for the growing number of renters wanting to make a house feel like a home.

In: Sage (Grey, Green) | Out: Beige

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Beige is a sickly colour that we’re happy to say goodbye to while ushering in sage, a grey, dusky green.

When you consider the similar dusky tones of Millennial Pink (and how well green goes with pink) and how well sage partners with metallics (also very popular); AND since this year we’ve become fond of bringing the outside inside, in the form of house plants (Pantone even picked Greenery as its colour of the year for 2017) – sage is a natural progression.

In: Five Walls | Out: Feature Walls

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Let’s be honest (and we’re sorry if we offend you) but feature walls are tacky – especially if it’s a stencilled quote Live, Laugh, Love!  So, let’s all squeeze out some crocodile tears for the passing of feature walls.

In its place, a new type of feature wall has been popping up… creative homeowners and interior designers have decided to take back the unused space that belongs to them by making use of the often neglected fifth wall. Not underneath our noses but above our heads; on the ceiling, in fact.

According to the Pinterest 100 list, which collates search query data to predict top global trends, a statement ceiling can “transform a room from the top down” – no wonder the search rate is up by 310% on last year.

In: Mix-Matching, Patterned Tiles | Out: Subway Tiles

Subway tiles really did have a heyday and we’re quite sad to see them go, but go they must. This style of tiling became particularly popular as kitchen splashbacks and shower linings and went hand-in-hand with the theme of the moment, industrial chic. So, as we move on from industrial interiors, we also leave behind its prominent features.

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Now we’re seeing a rise in mix-matching tiles, especially patterned ones. Colourful, handmade ceramic tiles are making a comeback – a general move away from shop-bought and towards handmade or independent retailers is happening.  Kitchens in showrooms now showcase splashbacks of ceramic tiles in a variety of colours and sizes, and more often than not these tiles are thicker and more rustic-looking.

In: Maximalism | Out: Scandinavian

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Scandinavian style has dominated the interior design landscape for some years now – and rather than the appeal wearing off, (because if you’re a minimalist type of person it certainly will still appeal), it’s simply the novelty of the theme wearing thin. Stripped back interiors with wooden white floors and bundles of light isn’t novel, isn’t new and therefore isn’t worth writing about.

Maximalism, on the other hand, is worth writing (on A Fancy) home about. We believe the move towards maximalism is a backlash to the unclad and sometimes “sterile” environments of minimalistic interiors. Where once fitting in was the norm strived for, now, expressing opinions, tastes and individualism are championed and maximalism allows us to do just that.

In: Herringbone Floors | Out: White Floorboards

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Much like the passing of the subway tiles as industrial chic waves goodbye, white floorboards, characteristic of Scandinavian design, are also experiencing a lull in trend. Replaced quite rapidly by Herringbone Flooring with a 131% increase on searches on Pinterest.

But, why? Well, firstly the novelty of pristine white is wearing off, but also, the very real reality of keeping pristine white… pristine white is setting in. Sure, white floorboards look great on Instagram and would complement your living spaces perfectly, but do you have children or pets? Or even messy hobbies? Then an alternative might be a better option.

Herringbone flooring is not only distinctive and recognisable, which ensures character and obvious design thoughtfulness but comes with the bonus of easy upkeep.

In: Peach/Terracotta | Out: Millennial Pink

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Vibrant colours like Millennial Pink, even with long sessions in the spotlight, will always drop back out of fashion. They are simply too vibrant and too niche and will burn out. While pink is definitely still around it won’t be long until it’s replaced with a toned down and muted version. Terracotta, for instance, we believe has been showcased a lot more and has a strong chance of being the standout tone of 2018’s interior design trends.

In: Gold | Out: Copper

Copper accents took 2017’s interior design by storm thanks to their jazzy, metallic appeal and perfect pairing with green and pink. We love copper, especially when it comes to kitchen pots and pans, it allows a little flash of colour into what can otherwise be very plain instruments. However, the largescale explode in copper fascination left every item and piece of clothing on the high street with at least some form of a subtle hint – at which point, you know it’s time to move on.

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Gold, however, is a timeless classic and has been forever loved since the start of time. Apart from the late 90s and early 2000s when the tacky gold trim that was everywhere. But, for gold, it’s time to shine again.

In: Chintz

Baby, chintz is back. Or, at least, we think it will be. Chintz has had a tough time in terms of trends, at one point becoming synonymous with the elderly and out-of-date or out-of-fashion styles. But thanks to brands like Laura Ashley, who champion the chintz style, and its long removal from the spotlight it’s due a comeback and is set to be one of the biggest of 2018’s interior design trends.

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And that’s a wrap. Of course, there’s no real way of knowing what’s coming our way in 2018, we can only wait and see! Why not follow A Fancy Home on Twitter for regular interior design updates?