5 Fresh Tips to Stay Cool in the Bedroom this Summer

Finally, summer! The season of salads, sangria and sun-kissed skin is on the horizon. However, for those fan-less folk among us summer can also signal the beginning of long, sweaty nights, spent tossing, turning and cursing.

There is, actually, a scientific reason why we find it so difficult to drift off in summer. It’s a temperature gradient that keeps us awake in the heat – for a good nights’ sleep the room you’re sleeping must be significantly cooler than your body temperature. At night, our body’s naturally decrease in temperature by half a degree and this signals bedtime, however, if the room isn’t cool enough to induce a heat transfer from body to air then it’s a lot harder for us to cool down.

Most people think there’s not a huge amount we can do to control the temperature of our rooms in summer after turning the heating off. However, at A Fancy Home, we don’t believe it has to be that way; so to ensure you remain refreshed this summer, we’ve put together 5 tips (that won’t break the bank) to keep you both cool and on-trend.

5 Fresh Tips to Keep You Cool:

1. Thin Throws for your Bedroom | £21.00

Of an evening we know that nothing is more comforting than cosying up with a cover. However, the summer sun can make this quite problematic. If you switch out your usual thick duvet for a more lightweight throw across the summer months, you’ll find crawling up at night a breeze, not a battle with your body thermometer.

Summer bedroom interior design

Our favourite pick is this Shoreditch Quilt & Cushion Covers from The White Company, which has a beautiful pattern and elegant texture. The front fabric is comprised of 85% cotton and the filling and back boast a 100% cotton thread count – it’s an on-trend, thin throw in a light colour that won’t retain heat, no matter the season!


2. Summer Spreads and Lightweight Linens | £50.00 £25.00

bedsheets (1)

Of course, when it comes to hitting the hay in summer, even the thinnest of throws will be too much for some, at which point it could be time to remove the quilt altogether and reconsider the type of linen you use. Some articles advise going full-Egyptian and curling up with a wet blanket to stay cool through summer nights. However, that wouldn’t achieve a fancy home – would it?

Instead, we suggest adopting a part-time Egyptian outlook by investing in light-coloured and lightweight Egyptian cotton bed linen. Egyptian cotton has come to be known as the best cotton in the world, famous for its softness, strength and superior characteristics. But, it is also a fantastically breathable fabric that promotes ventilation throughout the bedroom.

Our thrifty pick is this beautiful bed linen from House of Fraser; made by using only the finest Egyptian cotton that grows in specific areas of the Nile delta, where its cultivated for centuries for its superior quality.

 3. Shake off the Heat by Getting Loose | £12.99

pjs (1)

The warm summer months are no place for clingy bedtime clothes. Switch your normal night-time attire for something more loose-fitting and airy; a large cotton shirt with comfortable shorts or just underwear will work a treat.

Why not try something like this blue striped oversized shirt from T.K.Maxx? The style is so traditional it’s passable as chic. You should get a matching blue bobble hat to match!

4. Shut the Heat Out | £43-95.00

blinds (1)

The main issue with hot bedrooms in the summer that makes them unpleasant environments for sleeping is the lack of airflow – a stuffy room isn’t going to be peaceful or induce the slipping into the land of snoozeville. Due to the high level of light in the summer, for most, it’s often required to cover up the windows as it’s the only way to cling onto those precise hours of sleep – especially on the weekends when a little extra is needed! But to retain a much-needed airflow – it’s necessary to have this pathway unrestricted.

Shutters are a great choice for the summer as they can keep the light (and therefore, heat) out while allowing a summer breeze to flow through the window and into your bedroom. Perfect!

We would recommend investing in a set of wooden blinds as the neutrality of the material won’t require a headache to in terms of matching colours or patterns, likewise, they won’t retain heat.

5. Buy You Biggest Fan | £499.99

Sometimes, when it comes to ensuring a good nights’ sleep, you have to admit defeat. Investing in a fan will be the cheapest and easiest way to ensure constant airflow and a breathable environment for sleeping.

There are two hold-ups when it comes to fans: noise and aesthetic. Well, fortunately, the lovely people over at Dyson have created a fan to counteract both these hangups. The AM09 Hot & Cool Fan Heater is not only packaged in a contemporary and sleek design, which would go undedicated in most rooms but it’s claimed to be 75% quieter than most other room fans making it ideal for overnight use.


Of course, we’re not suggesting you need to redesign your home with the turning of every season, but we do believe a few minor tweaks can help you through the extremities of each.

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