7 Hot Trends in Interior Design for 2017

The New Year isn’t the only time to make transitions in your life. Interior design trends last longer than a year and don’t require a complete remodel; for many just picking a new paint colour in the living or bedroom will do the trick. While for others a spot of upcycling or simple accessorising is the way to go.

If you are looking to make some changes to your interiors in the new year and want to try something new and cool here, we have checked out some of the hot interior design trends for 2017 to inspire you.

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Interior Design Trends for 2017

In the Littlest Room

If you are revamping the powder room in 2017 forget the bright, high-shine surfaces and go with matte nude or neutral finishes in the more muted, even moody, colours to create a more atmospheric and luxurious space. The versatile, but now ubiquitous, subway tile may also have had its day, but we will see more vanity conversion projects. Such as repurposed dressers, vintage cabinets and rustic table tops. Replacing the pre-manufactured version of the vanity stand.

Keep Calm… the Writing’s on the Wall

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Clichéd “quote” art is finally and decidedly on its way out. As with all trends, it has come and is now going. This year will see a shift towards artwork that brings the outside in reflecting the colours and textures of nature.

Art inspired mural type wallpapering, and large format florals can also be wonderfully expressive and impactful.

It’s a Texture Thing

In 2017 velvet will be a popular fabric around the home, from your sofa to the cushions on your bed and the curtains in your living room. Velvet adds texture and a comforting sense of warmth and luxury design to any interior. Upholstered headboards will also be big this year in interior design.

We will also see an increase in the use of cork in the form of tables, stools and also as total wall coverings. Great for a floor-to-ceiling pinboard And terracotta on floors and walls will add warmth and character.

Mix it Up

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Another interior design trends doing the rounds in 2017 is ‘mix and match’ – your patterns on cushions, throws and bed coverings to add depth and interest.

The same goes for your metals. In 2016 we saw the use of a lot of brass across the board, so in the spirit of not going overboard, mix it up with other metals and materials instead – black steel, oil-rubbed bronze, wood finishes or more reflective surfaces such as glass or mirror.

Get Graphic

With wall space at an absolute premium in spaces like your kitchen, where it is almost entirely given over to storage, there is often little room the make a statement with your tile. But you can still make an impact and have a bit of fun with graphic floor tiles.

Bums on Seats

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As far as seating arrangements go, bar stools, which provide modern and contemporary breakfast bar seating are becoming more and more popular (avoid anything too industrial). As are hanging chairs, which are making a comeback, and not just in the living room. They are functional, yet add fun and interest to a room, and can come free-standing. Especially if you don’t fancy hooking one up from your ceiling.

In the Kitchen

Some may say that this year ‘black is the new white’ when it comes to your kitchen décor, and this bold choice will certainly work for some. But don’t fear, clean and white is still alright for 2017. But do remember to temper this with warm wooden cabinets, even stone cladding, and colour accents to avoid an overly clinical ambience. This will add a bit of character and reflect a more personal style.

Greys seem to have been relegated from ‘cool’ to ‘not hot’.

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