Flash Back: Bring Back ’70s Interior Design!

Get into the groove; the 70s are back! As far as interior design styles of the past, no one thought this decade would come back. But, here we are, halfway through 2017 and begging for big patterns, bold colours, and quirky materials.

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Over the years we’ve seen revivals of all sorts of fashion styles. The ’80s had a prominent kick-back and now if you head to the cool places around London you’ll only see bowl cuts, vintage sports clothing and middle partings – the ’90s finest.

Society has always been obsessed with ‘vintage.’ Reclaiming the past isn’t innovative and has been a long-standing tradition; it’s no lie that fashion (and interior design as part of that) runs in circles. Everything comes back around in time, and it’s just sad that most of us can remember it from the first cycle…

As it turns out, according to Pinterest, ’70s interior design had one of the biggest increase in 2017. The report also states that ’70s-inspired interiors and retro furniture are making a comeback, as images of bohemian peacock chairs, shag rugs and vinyl players are amassing high engagement.

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We’re particularly excited by the revival of the ’70s because unlike the ’80s and ’90s, which revolved heavily around personal fashion, the ’70s took a prominent interest in interior design.

So, without further ado, we’re going to talk you through key features of ’70s interior design and how you can add a little disco to your digs (sorry).

The Style of ’70s Interior Design:

When asked, regardless of age, everyone can describe what categorises a ’70s theme; busy patterns, bold (and brave) colour use, “leggy” and circular furniture, and of course – the love of yellow, orange and brown colour palettes.

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The 70s was an explosion of creativity. Thanks to acceleration in society, people found the constraints of social pressures beginning to slack. It was becoming normal for women to work, most homes had TV’s (and access to celebrities and insight into high-end fashion) and, still reeling from the sex and drug revolution of the ’60s, the 70s was a time of change, vibrancy, and innovation.

Thanks to this, people could try new things and had the money to do so. And rather than choose one patterned rug, they’d opt to deck-out a whole room in a myriad of bright prints and patterns – in true kitsch, clashing style.

Busy Patterns:

Busy patterned bed sheet from John Lewis - 70s interior design
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Rather than opting for the basic, standard set, a busy pattern revolution exploded. Clashing patterns adorned each fabric, wall and bedspread. To truly own this style make sure nothing matches.

Bold Colours:

circus coloured blanket from John Lewis - 70s interior design
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Determined to leave the drab interior design styles behind. A typical ’70s home would have every colour under the sun – without a pastel or cream in sight. It was very common for colours to be paired with opposites to up the contrast and seem especially bold.

Earthy Colour Scheme:

arden yellow sofa from darlings of chelsea - 70s interior design
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On the note of colour schemes, we must point out that the underpinning colour theme derived from earthy tones like yellow, brown and orange. They took homage from the bright and vibrant shades of the ’60s in its own toned-down way.

Usually Something Outlandish:

As we said, the ’70s was a time of curiosity, vibrancy, and change; and change comes about by pushing boundaries. That’s why ’70s interior design styles often incorporate gaudy, outlandish pieces of furniture and décor. These pieces could be described as Kitsch.

Like a piece of furniture that would leave you confused as to its purpose:

Circular blow up bed by The Range - 70s interior design
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70s Home Décor:

Everyone knows that to string together a serious interior design; the theme needs to run deeper than the main pieces of furniture. It means subtle nods through smaller home décor accessories, utilitarian objects and finishing touches.

If you’re looking to make some subtle nods to ’70s interior design style, then you should invest in…

The Humble Lava Lamp:

Lava Lamp by John Lewis - 70s interior design
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AKA the building block of every teenager’s room throughout the decade. Watch any sitcom made in the ’70s or based on the era and you’re sure to spot one. They were a perfectly groovy lighting option for ones’ bedroom.

Vinyl Records:

Crosley Record Player from John Lewis - 70s interior design
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Music exploded in the ’70s: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, The Who, Aerosmith, Queen… I really could go on. Not only was lots of great, iconic and ground-breaking music being made but it was being listened to. Thanks to the vinyl players music fanatics could pick the music they liked in-store and listen to it when they wanted – what a luxury!

Vinyl players are making a comeback in a huge way, in 2015 John Lewis saw a 240% spike in vinyl player sales while just this year The Guardian reported a 25-year high for records.

Shag Pile Carpets and Rugs:

Shaggy Rug from La Redoute - 70s interior design
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The ’70s was a big time for drug taking and so having something soft to stroke was preferred, coupled with the luxe of heavy textures, shaggy rugs became a staple. It did mean that most homes had a fantastic texture underfoot and no little ones moaning about having to sit on the floor anymore…

Stamp Collection:

stamp collection from Etsy - 70s interior design
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You know the phrase it’s so bad that it’s good? That’s kind of where the stamp collection came in, tying in with the love of Kitsch items. Now so uncool that it’d be cool again.

Macrame Décor:

Macrame plant holder on Etsy - 70s interior design
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It’s hard to believe this was popular in the ’70s given how contemporary it looks.

And of course, you could always get a mirrored disco ball… but even that’s too far, even for us.


So, that’s a wrap! ’70s interior design styles in a nutshell – it’s coming back guys – you heard it here first! Stay up-to-date with more interior design news, DIY guides and home improvement tips by liking A Fancy Home on Facebook.