Get the Look: Create a Tropical Home in London

As an interior style trend that’s rocketed to popularity this past year, one thing A Fancy Home keeps getting asked is: how can I create a tropical home in London?

Often, homes in London are small and lack space and light – it can seem impossible to create a tropical environment (or any kind of environment for that matter). But (this quickly becoming A Fancy Home’s mantra) it’s not true, you can transform even the smallest of spaces – you just need to be brave and confident with your interior choices.

So, if you’re living in London and looking to create a tropical home, it is possible, and you can achieve it – all you need to do is follow A Fancy Homes’ “Get the Look” guide!

Get the Look: Create a Tropical Home in London

Create a Jungle

Easy to keep indoor plants - split leaf philodendrons
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Most homeowners, living in London or not, are under the misconception that tropical plants only grow in tropical countries – but London can be tropical – right? RIGHT?

Actually, yeah, you’re right. A whole host of tropical plants are happy and thrive in normal southern England climates. From English Ivy to Chinese Money Plants and Philodendrons – they’ll all live happily in your London home.

If you’re not sure which plants you like, check out these 25 indoor plants that are easy to keep and look great!

Where’s the Wicker?

How to create a tropical home in London - wicker furniture from Wayfair
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The tropical interior design is categorised by its large, wicker furniture. Due to their humid climates fabric furniture is often avoided as they can soak up the moist weather.

Wicker furniture is a fantastic choice for smaller London homes because they’ll double up as both functional and decorative.

Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Millennial pink, it’s everywhere – and it should be in your home if you’re hoping to create tropical vibes. Think pink throws, pillows, coasters – basically anything you can get your hands on!

The colour pink is vibrant, it’s happy, and it mimics the fiery blooms you’d find in tropical countries.

Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

How to create a tropical home in London - ornate mirror from Cox & Cox
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Large mirrors are great for expanding space, so if your London abode is tight on space, then we’d highly recommend placing some in your home.

When it comes to trying to create a tropical home, mirrors are a great addition. Tropical interior design leans heavily on glass features to showcase their gorgeous gardens, so adorning your home with large ornate mirrors will help reflect their glassy design – especially if you lack windows!

A Bed Fit for a Queen

How to create a tropical home in London - canopy bed
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Anyone that’s been a tropical country will know that the most unpleasant thing about them is mosquitos. Yup, those annoying little bugs terrorise hot, humid countries, and as a result, canopy beds are extremely popular to keep your skin bite-free.

Canopy beds happen to be steeped in luxurious context and will wholeheartedly support your London based tropical paradise.

Get Your Patterned Paws on the Wall

How to create a tropical home in London - tropical wallpaper
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This is where the bravery as mentioned above and confidence with interior decisions will be necessary. Most homeowners don’t like to veer too far from plain (AND BORING) wallpapers; they might be safe, but they won’t be creating your environment anytime soon.

Patterned, floral wallpaper is the ideal foundation to create a tropical home. It is also, conveniently, on-trend for Autumn/Winter 2017.

If you’re replacing existing wallpaper fear not, it’s easy to strip, it’s easy to hang AND there are loads that you can do with the leftovers.

Tropical Terrarium

How to create a tropical home in London - tarrarium
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Terrariums are wonderful, wonderful things and if you have the spare cash, you should invest in one regardless of your interior design theme. Seriously. Terrariums are both extremely great to look at and insanely interesting little inventions – especially sealed terrariums.

Sealed terrariums create a unique environment for the enclosed plants. They allow the transfer of heat and light through the glass walls, which when combined with the sealed element creates a small-scale water cycle.

Thanks to the transfer of light and heat, terrariums have a higher temperature inside. This allows the moisture in the soil to evaporate. Due to the sealed nature of the feature, the moisture condenses onto the glass walls and falls back down into the soil.


Hang (or Lay) that Tapestry

How to create a tropical home in London - tapestry
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If you’re trying to create a tropical home in London, a tapestry will be the nail that holds together the theme.

Tapestries are often thought of as hung up, garishly covering whole walls. However, if you’re hesitant to have such a large feature, these colourful throws also look great as blankets, sofa covers and bed throws. You can even drape them on the backs of wardrobes or behind doors for a subtler addition.

For a full-throttle look, mount your tapestry in the bedroom or living room to create a full effect feature wall.

The Bare Necessities

How to create a tropical home in London - wooden floors
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For the same reason that fabric furniture didn’t catch on, nor did carpet. You’ll often find in tropical countries that homes are built with stone or tiled flooring not to soak up the humidity. Then, they’ll adorn them with rugs and throws to warm the room.

While we’re not suggesting you ripe out your flooring and replace it with stones, we would suggest pulling up your carpet to expose your natural wood flooring. It’ll go to the chic, tropical vibe. And then you’ll be able to invest in some beautiful rugs to mimic the style!


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