Get Inspired with these 9 Dining Rooms on Instagram

Many of us dream of having our own place to decorate until our heart’s content, to create a space that reflects our personality – that we can truly call our own. And while many of us dream of this, when it comes to being a reality interior design can be overwhelming – there are just so many decisions to be made. If you’re not sure what you’d like, or what themes would best suit your home, then check out these 9 dining rooms on Instagram for the inspiration you need to get redecorating!

9 Inspirational Dining Rooms on Instagram:

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In the words of Kanye, it’s all white everything. Usually, light neutral colours like white and creams are used as a base colour, which is then built upon with patterned rugs or feature walls; this dining room on Instagram however, showcases how to make white your feature colour.

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This room takes homage from a popular interior design theme – contrasting black and white. In this example, they’ve added a few regal touches like gold accent pieces and fur rug to give a contemporary elegance to the room.

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The thick chairs adorned with cushions offer comfort, which suggests the table is regularly used for long periods of time; this alone creates a more homely feel than the previous dining rooms, despite sticking to a similar pale theme.

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Lots of dining rooms on Instagram serve distressed vintage realness, the theme we’d all love to have but aren’t brave enough to execute. A good way to achieve this look (if you’re not confident enough to do a complete overhaul) is to take inspiration from this and implement one feature at a time. Start by replacing your chairs with metal ones similar to this image (maybe add a cushion for comfort), and if you like them, next replace your dining room table and so on.

You’ll find after a couple of months that your dining space looks completely different!

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This dining space shows how incorporating rugs into any design will soften the room, making it seem more like home. The leggy dining table and chairs set the theme firmly within a 70’s style, and confidently mixes clocks on the wall at different heights to create a quirky and relaxed atmosphere.

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At A Fancy Home, we love mixing chairs with benches, it’s the perfect compromise for keeping a traditional chair set while mixing a contemporary aspect. Benches will always create a relaxed feel since they automatically remind us of dining halls and assemblies. Bringing that childlike glee and comfort to your dining room will instantly put your guests at ease. Likewise, sharing a bench melts away any isolation or barriers allowing for free-flowing conversation at dinner parties!

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Dining rooms on Instagram often demonstrate how a simple aspect change the whole aesthetic – this table runner for instance. This little feature achieves so much by breaking up space. This could an economical addition to your room?

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There’s nothing we love more than a colourful rug to add a little life to a room! The Aztec print here is a classic, worthy investment since it’ll certainly stand the test of time.

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We LOVE this light shade – this is for those that want to sparkle, in an understated way. The inner metallic allows for a glimmer of glam without risking becoming gaudy – the perfect compromise.

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