Home Refurbishment London: What’s Hot in the Capital?

We often get asked: what’s hot in the capital right now? London is a thriving, vibrant hub of creativity – a melting pot of inspiration and change; if there’s an emerging interior design trend happening, then London will know about it.

The best place to look in London, when in search for rising furores, is recent and on-going home refurbishment projects. And at A Fancy Home, we have been. Since we love you guys, we made the “Home Refurbishment London” list of hottest trends in the capital right now.

Home Refurbishment London:


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It has been a big trend for a year or so now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing in popularity any time soon. For a long time, gold and bronze, and anything that wasn’t silver were branded as tacky and gaudy.

However, gone are these days (hooray!) As with most things that fall out of public favour, metallics have been reclaimed… and forced quite harshly to the forefront of every fabric and every home décor accessory, (not that we’re complaining).

Metallics are great because when used in a home refurbishment they add colour, class, and vibrancy to an interior design style.

Achieve the look by:

Swapping out silver accents for gold, rose gold and bronze. Add a metallic home décor accessory like a throw pillow, plant pot or light shade for quick additions that tie together.


Candles in a non-working fireplace
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We’ve been talking about fireplaces a lot recently (like how to decorate a non-working one and how to design a living room with a fireplace in the middle). Now, saying that fireplaces have ‘come back into fashion’ may seem obtuse… since your home either has one or it doesn’t.

However, less and fewer people in recent decades have been going to the effort to use their fireplaces when they have a functioning one. I mean, we understand, they’re a lot of hassle (and mess) and coming in wet and cold to a non-heated house, to then go through the rigmarole of lighting a fire; we get it.

Whether it’s powered by a desire to return to basics or a rebellion against IoT, we’ve noticed a fiery revival.


Marble Shelf - home refurbishment london

Pretty much everyone at the start of 2017 purchased a marble print phone case; it’s a trend that has been growing in stature very steadily. When researching for the Home Refurbishment London list, it was a movement that couldn’t go unnoticed.

As part of the ‘back to basics’ direction design seems to be taking currently – it’s no revelation that the clean and natural material has been making an upward turn in popularity (even if it’s just the print in some cases).

However, as it gains more ground within the interior design world, we’re likely to see designers paying with marble more and pairing it with a broader range of colour schemes.

Achieve the look by:

Adding small, economical accents without a huge interior design overhaul. For instance, this marble shelf from Cox & Cox, these marble coasters from House of Fraser or these marble chopping boards from Made.com will add a little stone to your home without breaking the bank.

Gatsby Opulence

Along with the resurgence of the 70s, we’ve seen a lean towards a 1920s, art deco style – a love for extreme opulence. The theme is categorised by excessive glamour, glass, crystal, and chandeliers; fur rugs and plush sofas made from rich velvet and silky bed sheets.

Colours that are cropping up more are vivid teals, deep purples and vibrant golds.

circular mirror - home refurbishment london

Achieve the look by:

Adding a circular mirror, investing in a chandelier and serving alcoholic beverages only in champagne saucers!

Yellow Splash

yellow armchair - home refurbishment london
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I LOVE A YELLOW SPLASH (of colour). I think it’s so fun and vibrant, and I’d even go as far as saying it feels dynamic.

It doesn’t require any interior design knowledge, nor does it need a complete change to your colour scheme – it simply demands one stand out piece of furniture (in yellow, if you hadn’t guessed). In fact, the whole idea is that the piece of furniture doesn’t fit in.

Achieve the look by:

Simply adding a yellow piece of furniture!

That’s our Home Refurbishment London list in a nutshell – the stand out trends of home refurbishment in the capital so far this year. Stay up-to-date on more interior design news, DIY guides and home improvement tips by liking us on Facebook!