Interior Design Ideas for a Small House

Before you bemoan your lack of living space, consider the advantages of a smaller dwelling. You’ll never be tempted to bring home clutter or be swayed by last-minute ‘sale’ bargains that are anything but. Clear-outs will be frequent, as you constantly redesign and improve your small but perfect home. Your relatives won’t bring over all that heavy family heirloom junk – they’re actually just de-cluttering themselves! A huge bonus. Allow creative juices to flow freely at all the ways you can utilise this new, small space to its maximum potential. It might be a small space, but it’s relatively easy to be largely inspired by these big interior design ideas for a small house.

Perhaps you’re on your very first starter home, maybe you have recently downsized or maybe you prefer a cosy space? Whatever your reason, if you find yourself short on space, then you should be doing what you can to maximise on it.

Interior Design Ideas for a Small House:

Raise the Roof

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Start at the top. If you have any roof space, then use it. Once insulated and flooring installed, your tiny attic can become a spare bedroom for a child to stay over or a separate office area away from the rest of the house.

A Room with a View

Have a small courtyard garden or lawned area? Then don’t leave it to the dog, open up the room facing it with a glass wall. Concertina glass ‘curtains’ or a door that disappears into the walls are perfect. Then your garden becomes part of your living room, bringing outdoors in, or your kitchen, making a dining space in summer, and a fresh herb larder.

Create Space

No matter how much of a domestic goddess your new smaller home has shaped you, you’ll still need some storage space. Utilise as much hidden space as you can muster, within furniture – storage stools and under beds – or hidden in kitchen columns. The real magic trick is to hide it all away.

Free your Floors

Where possible, leave as much floor space visible as you can. Find bathroom furniture that fixes to the walls, not the floors. Use floating shelves, and see-through glass tables. More floor tricks the eye into seeing a larger room and creates a cleaner look for your small but amazing space.

Scale your Furniture

dining table - interior design ideas for a small house

You don’t have to go down the doll’s house route but do scale your furniture to fit your rooms. Large and cumbersome is out, elegant and slim lines are in. If you want a big statement piece then do it with a chandelier, nothing fighting for space up there.

Reflect your Taste

It might be all smoke and mirrors, but no conjuring trick – including a decorating one – is done without a large mirror. Doubling the size of any room, use them with abandon. Mirrored wardrobes, mirrored shelf interiors, a large mirror above a console table in the hallway, they’re all instant and always fashionable interior design saviours for small spaces.

Light Up

Utilise and create as much light as possible in a smaller house. There should be no dark corners. Free up windows with simple blinds – or none if you can get away with it. Use good, clear lighting, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

Privacy Please

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While the open plan is the best solution in a small living space, privacy sometimes needs to be addressed, so make use of sliding screens and open bookshelves to divide a room without closing it in.

Pale is Interesting

Pale colours are your friend. Yes, you can splash a darker colour but only in accessories. White is right. Lemon is perfect for hallways, kitchens and living areas. Keep a light, fresh and clean approach when you choose your colour palette. Effortless elegance in a smaller space comes from choosing fresh and calm colour ways.

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