Independent Ceramics Designers You Should Be Following

At A Fancy Home, we’ve been waiting to write this article for some time because WE FLIPPING LOVE CERAMICS. The research took roughly 5 minutes because we spend a large portion of our time pouring over different independent ceramics designers anyway.

Not on the same page as us?

How often, when visiting a friend’s home, do you spot beautiful homeware items that you wished you had? For most people, owning handmade home décor accessories is a distant dream because they don’t want to spend time researching and finding the independent designers, especially when you can buy a new mug during your weekly food shop at Asda for £1.

No, STOP. Banish that thought. We want to bring the joy of handmade ceramics to every home, we cut the legwork and put together a list of independent ceramics designers that we implore you to start following.

What are Ceramics?

“A ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic, solid material comprising metal, non-metal or metalloid atoms primarily held in ionic and covalent bonds.” – Wikipedia

“Beautiful, handmade clay pots, mugs, bowls and other home accessories that will be a joy to own, use and look at.” – A Fancy Home

Why Should You Buy from Independent Ceramics Designers?

Well, it goes without saying that this isn’t likely to become an ongoing thing (at least, that’s what I tell my partner…)

Secondly, other than supporting independent retailers you’ll also be supporting local artists. Ceramic design is not only a skill but an art form, it’s a passion, and it often takes years to perfect. Because of this, ceramics manage to tread the line between functional home décor and individual pieces of art.

And lastly, when you buy from independent ceramics designers, the piece is guaranteed to be handmade, one-of-a-kind and completely unique.

Ceramics manage to showcase design, functionality and artistic passion in one piece. So, without further ado:

Independent Ceramics Designers You Should Be Following:

Holly Kemp Design:

Independent Ceramics Designers -H.K.Design

Independent Ceramics Designers - Metallic Geometric

Holly hasn’t even finished studying yet – but A Fancy Home fell head over heels for her work and style. The Metallic Geometric range featured on her website manages to be so very on-trend, while distinctively different to anything we’ve seen before. We CANNOT WAIT until Holly gets these pieces on the market.

When we spoke to Holly about the process behind the beautiful metallics range, she explained: “[the] metallic collection came from a lot of glaze experimentation. This unique glaze works differently on each piece depending on the shape and the body it is applied to and also the way it is applied, making every single piece unique. Combining this with geometric patterns gives each piece a contemporary, striking finish.”

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Lu Kee Su Ceramics

Independent Ceramics Designers - Lu Kee Su Ceramics

Independent Ceramics Designers - Lu Kee Su Espresso Mugs

Lu Kee Su ceramics are wonderful. The designs make an obvious effort to use traditional techniques (e.g. handcrafted pinching) and showcase original forms and design; which we think has a lovely, wholesome finish.

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Jack Havelock Bailey

Independent Ceramics Designers - Jack Havelock Concrete Egg Cup

Independent Ceramics Designers - Jack Havelock Concrete Coaster

Okay, so Jack Havelock’s products aren’t ceramics, but they are handmade, beautiful and created in a similar manner… just with concrete.

We LOVE the idea of using industrial materials like concrete within homeware products; it creates a beautiful incongruity. Thanks to the material that Jack uses, the products are crafted with a completely unique and one-of-a-kind marbling pattern, which is a huge interior design trend now.

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Jo Walker

Independent Ceramics Designers - Jo Walker

When it came to curating this list of independent ceramics designers, Jo Walker was immediately on it. Her products are more contemporary in design than the previous, which exhibits just how versatile ceramics can be.

Categorised by smooth edges, curved lines, and a matte finish, Jo Walker’s ceramics exuberate homely appeal and make incredible homeware sets.

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Jennie McCall Ceramics

Independent Ceramics Designers - Jennie McCall Ceramics

Independent Ceramics Designers - Jennie McCall Rabbits

Jennie McCall’s ceramics step away from the functional purpose and more solidly into home décor (but we loved the pastel salt pots so much we had to include them anyway).

She has a whole host of collections, and we love every single one. Jennie’s style comes through so strongly, and especially so in the most recent Hare collection. We love the hares because they highlight how a fairly mundane muse, with the right materials and artistic direction, can create a piece of art that’s special, unique and offers a fresh perspective.

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Katie Lowe

Independent Ceramics Designers - Katie Lowe gradient Vessel

Independent Ceramics Designers -Katie Lowe FIVE

The thought process behind this gradient vessel collection by Katie Lowe is astounding. The different vessels can be bought individually, or in groups of odd numbers, to create collections of complementary collections of different pots.

The collection highlights how great design doesn’t just have to underpin aesthetics but can work to create it too.

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Kate Welton

Independent Ceramics Designers - Kate Welton Ceramics 

These pieces in Kate Welton’s collection emulate an artistic process that firmly places functionality in second place.

While most ceramics designers experiment with lines, shape, and colour, Kate Welton channels this a lot more into the colour and paint of her projects. What we’re particularly fond of is how each product resembles an abstract piece of art of its own accord, before one even considers it as a useful homeware piece.

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ERADU Ceramics

Independent Ceramics Designers - eraduceramics

Clean, crisp and sleek design categorises ERADU ceramics – or as they describe it – urban simplicity.

This new pour-over coffee set embodies exactly that sentiment. ERADU Ceramics have taken a commercialised commodity and stripped it back to the bare minimal elements, then used neutral tones to decorate.

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Justine Allison

Independent Ceramics Designers - Justine Allison

Justine Allison – well – this range of ceramic vessels are truly breathtaking. Allison has taken traditional, functional shapes and pushed their design into the purely decorative… and decorative they are.

The pinstripe pattern adorning these vessels is so pure, so precise and so meticulous that it’s mesmerising, and justifies as much accreditation as the pot shape itself.

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