Discover the Latest Kitchen Colour Trends for 2017

Does your kitchen feel like the heart of the home, or is it in urgent need of a health check-up? Our kitchens are no longer just functional spaces where we store, prepare and cook food. Nowadays, they’re the place we choose to relax in and spend time together with friends and family. Over the course of a typical week, our kitchens have multiple uses for cooking, eating and socialising. They even become places for kids to do their homework or pop-up offices for the increasing number of us who now work from home. In such constant and variety of use, it can be easy for us to forget that kitchens need to be spruced up now and then, to keep them looking at their very best and maintain their hardworking role at the heart of the home.

Whether your space is a compact minuscule marvel or a generously proportioned open plan affair, now may be the perfect time to revitalise your kitchen and give it some much needed TLC. Read on to discover the latest kitchen colour trends for 2017.

Kitchen Colour Trends for 2017:

Go for Monochrome

Monochrome kitchen - kitchen colour trends 2017

Black and white have long been popular choices for interior design themes, and they remain firm kitchen colour trends this year. Choosing a monochromatic palette which uses combinations of a single colour creates a dramatic contrast in any style of a kitchen from cutting-edge contemporary to the more traditional.

Add visual interest by mixing and matching different shades of white, grey and black for cabinet doors and worktops. Try varying gloss and matte surface finishes too. If you have enough space in your kitchen, make a bold statement with an island unit combining food preparation areas and a breakfast bar.

White cabinet doors help to ensure your kitchen feels bright and welcoming. Introduce subtle shades of powder blue or dusky pink in a glass splashback. Industrial style black pendant light fittings complete the monochrome look in this kitchen. Either chrome or brushed steel finishes on taps and appliances will complement this scheme. Warm things up by laying a real wooden floor.

50 Shades of Grey

Charcoal Kitchen - kitchen colour trends 2017

A deep desire for all things Grey continues to be a key colour trend for 2017. This look is accentuated by mixing different metallic finishes such as copper and burnished steel. Don’t be put off if you have a compact space – this look is yearning to rejuvenate your kitchen, whatever its size.

Be confident in choosing a dark grey cabinet and door finishes. Harmonise the look by selecting matching coloured worktops and splash back. Limit the number of cabinet handles and integral appliances to keep your kitchen looking sleek. This kitchen goes all the way with matte black taps and sinks too. The dramatic feel is heightened with concealed accent lighting to framework areas.

Rich charcoal grey is the colour of choice in this kitchen. Neatly fitted cabinets and appliances contrast with informal open shelving which adds colour and texture to the adjacent wall. Different metallic finishes for pendant light fittings and accessories give an eclectic feel. Add a rustic kitchen table and designer chairs to create an inviting focal point for the room.

Earthy Neutrals

Beige Kitchen - kitchen colour trends 2017

Another kitchen colour trend of 2017 is off-whites and earthy neutrals such as taupe and cashmere. Add visual interest with complementary shades and finishes for cabinet doors and worktops. This is a tranquil choice of the colour palette which will stand the test of time.

Everything is serene in this off-white kitchen. Brushed steel finishes on taps, cabinet handles and appliances work well with this palette. Vary cabinet door shades and finishes to delineate different areas. A sense of luxury has been created with solid surface worktops and a built-in sink. Matching upstands add the finishing touch.

Contrast off-white and horizontal wood grain finish to cabinet doors for added texture and visual impact. Pick up on the earthy neutrals colour scheme with a feature glass splash back. Keep things looking stylish in a compact space by integrating your appliances. Introduce a dash of colour with some homegrown herbs or a houseplant.

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