The Ultimate Living Room Interior Design Guide

Is your living room looking a little drab? Has long has it been since you last decorated it?  A new interior design scheme for your living room will help banish those winter blues and lift your spirits for the year ahead.

First, you’ll need to decide if you want to simply spruce up your space with new textiles such as a blanket, cushions, a rug or curtains; or whether you’re ready to take the plunge and go for a radical overhaul of your living room.

From our three favourite design themes and to the 10 essentials, our living room interior design tips is the ultimate guide.

Living Room Interior Design Tips:

Go Bold

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With splashes of zesty orange, shimmering turquoise or tropical green…

Living room interior design tips often advise against using bold colours, because it can be risky. However, at A Fancy Home, we love bold moves within the home. Contrast ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ colours to create a welcoming and vibrant look for your living room. This contemporary style living space lets natural light flood in and goes all the way with confident splashes of ‘hot’ orange paint colour on the walls. Visual interest and contrast are added in ‘cold’ shades of turquoise and green for sofa cushions and accessories. The finishing touch, which brings this whole scheme together, is an over-sized metal pendant lamp in bright turquoise.

If you’re looking to make a visual impact on a small budget, pick out one or two key pieces in contrasting ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ colours and arrange them in the corner of your living room. Add further interest by mixing retro and antique furniture and fittings like this orange upholstered armchair, turquoise cupboard and ornate metal coatrack. Be bold and take this one stage further by placing your collected pieces against a crisp white painted wall and dark-stained floorboards.

Feel Fresh

living room interior design tips - pink pastel room

With pastel shades of dusky pink, powder blue or buttercup yellow…

Make the boys wink with this new scheme for your living room! Bathe walls in a soft pink paint colour then bring in additional layers of pink textiles and accessories. Stylish statement pieces such as this floor lamp and armchair upholstered in lush velvet exude confidence and will ensure you feel pampered.

Stay on trend with a geometric patterned rug such as this ikat-inspired design in blue and white. Keep things refreshed with fragrant cut flowers from your garden or local florist.

Freshen up your existing scheme with hints of pastel blue and yellow. Mix and match different pastel shades and deeper hues, then contrast them with patterned textiles like these sofa and window seat cushions.

Introduce a decorative piece of occasional furniture such as a reupholstered stool, oriental storage chest or shabby chic style lamp table. Add further interest by painting bespoke joinery such as this window seat storage in a complementary shade of pastel blue or yellow.

Stay Serene

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With earthy tones of mossy green, chalky grey or rich clotted cream…

You don’t need to have green fingers to feel the benefits of Mother Nature. Bring the outside into your living room by painting a feature wall in a calming green like this one. Balance this effect by keeping the remainder of your scheme neutral with white or cream coloured surfaces and upholstery. Cushions with contrasting patterns in complementary colours will help to add visual interest. If your budget allows, lay a real timber floor to create that wow factor.

Celebrate architectural features in older properties such as a stone fireplace surround by using a tranquil backdrop of grey and cream colours. Introduce natural finishes to add texture such as wicker accessories and sisal floor coverings. Drape chunky knitted throws over furniture and display mismatched framed pictures, found on lovely lazy afternoon visits to vintage shops with friends. Reclaimed or upcycled furniture and fittings like this lamp shade add character and create unique focal points.

Living Room Essentials:

The living room, arguably the most important room in the house – resulting in a lot of living room essentials. The communal space can include everything from watching TV to eating dinner to even that spare guest room. So it’s vitally important this room is a stylish, homey, warm and appealing as can be.

Read through our top 10 living room essentials!

1. Art

If there’s a painting or artwork you like, don’t be afraid to put it up. Having some artwork adds a touch of personality to your living area and gives it a unique look and feel.

2. Rugs

A rug may just want you to need to make your living room that little bit cosier. It’s always difficult to cover those original or newly installed wooden floors but the right style rug in the right size will make all the difference.

3. Plants

Add a burst of nature. Flowers and plants are a must have for your home, the perfect solution for empty space and bringing life to any room. If you must, go for the real thing every time!

4. Candles

Nothing only do they provide light and smell good (always go for scented candles!), they add a soothing, relaxing atmosphere to the room. They are the ideal accessory for the shelf, sideboard or coffee table. An affordable way to add colour and elegance to your living area.

5. Mirrors

One of the things that you need to consider for the living room is a mirror. Apart from being able to see your own reflection and looking great in the process, mirrors add a sense of depth to your living room.

6. Wooden Furniture

Whether it’s a coffee table, sideboard or stool –  there needs to be at least one piece of wooden furniture in the living room. Wooden furniture is timeless and adds some style to the modern home.

7. Floor Lamp

A well-designed floor lamp is a welcome addition to the living room and comes in a number of different styles and finishes. When placed in the right area of the room, it can provide the perfect amount of lighting and look good while doing so.

8. Cushions

As well as adding comfort when sitting on the sofa or chair, cushions are one of the things you can go bold with, without ruining the look of your living room. Bold colours, crazy patterns, and materials galore –  there is so much you can do with cushions.

9. Clock

Your living room is not complete without the clock. The type of clock you go for should complement the décor style of your living area, so choose a classic or a modern one to match your style accordingly.

10. Something Personal

They say your home should be a reflection of you and the living room is the perfect place to share that. Whether it’s in a framed photo or canvas print of yourself or a family portrait, this will add that personal touch to your home.

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