A Fancy Home Reviews Pastel Colours

Just in case you’ve missed the movement, pastel colours are a big trend in the interior design world right now. Yes, that’s right, it’s time to theme your living room after an ice cream parlour; (which, honestly, we cant wait for).

In all seriousness, pastel colours seem to be a real divide amongst the interior design world, so we have done a review of the trend.

Pastel Colours are Cool

pastel colour: fridge
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Pastel colours are cool; right now, they’re ‘in,’ they’re hip, and they’re trendy. Seen everywhere from clothes to hairstyles, products, and even cars – it’s no surprise the trend is all over home décor too.

However, despite the summery connotations of pastel colours, they’re cool toned. The palette pairs perfectly with pale colours like white and cream, which when used as part of an overall theme will create a light and airy feel to a room – especially if there’s ample natural light exposure to the space.

Since pale colours naturally reflect light and brighten a room, cool themes tend to open up space and create a sense of greater capacity. Pastel colours, therefore, are a great choice for amplifying small spaces or adding depth to rooms like kitchens or bedrooms.


I think using pastel colours as part of an interior design theme offers understated charm to a room, in a ‘fake nonchalant’ way. Wait, wait, wait, let me explain what I mean. I think pastel colours represent the ‘messy hair’ of interior design, the ‘I didn’t try hard, but I tried really hard to achieve this aloof look’… but for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

pastel colours: bed sheets
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Personally, I really enjoy the muted tones of pastel colours; it makes them multifunctional. Pastel colours are calm and you can pair them with items of bolder colour or for showcasing a pattern; whether that’s a showpiece item of furniture or an accent wall of decorative wallpaper.

Or alternatively, you can use pastels to theme a whole room with matching (or clashing, but we’ll get to that in a minute) ornaments.

pastel colours: vases
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Pastel colours aren’t jazzy or catchy like bold or metallic shades, and they don’t demand to be seen or expect attention; they’re classic, nautical and calm.

And Collected!

If you’re new to interior design, or simply lack the confidence to clash colours (since clashing colours can be risky); but are wanting to try your hand at the interior design theme favourite, get clashing with pastels. Thanks to the subdued nature you can place them side-by-side, even if they don’t match.

What’s the phrase? Blue and green should never be seen, unless in pastel form.

The Verdict:

It’s a yes from us. Pastel colours are on-trend and versatile, (and you can be easily paint over when you’re ready to redecorate)! If this review has sealed the deal for you, read our article Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Room to ensure the best finish!

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