Find the Right Table for Your Dining Space

Purchasing a dining table used to be straightforward, but gone are the days where you were able to walk into a furniture store and order a standard dining room table without much thought behind it. You have many factors to consider such as size, colour, material and how many people it can sit. There are hundreds of tables and chairs in all different styles, shapes and materials to choose from. Some table sets do not even include matching chairs anymore. Which means you’d probably have to identify your table in one store and find the chairs from another. This process can be frustrating, but our guide will help you find the right table for your dining space.

Consider the Dining Space

The first step is to think about how you wish to use the dining area and where you want the table to sit. Get the measuring tape out and map the size of the room – find a suitable dining space for a table (including extension space if necessary). Space should easily allow for people to manoeuvre around the table and sit comfortably so make sure it isn’t blocking anything such as drawers or kitchen appliances. If your dining area is spacious, then this is less of a headache, but you should opt for a smaller table if you have a lack of space – don’t let the table rule the room! You can also have tables that can extend so bear this in mind too.

Choose your Style

Standard Rectangle Dining Table


Annecy Extending Dining Table
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This is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to choosing a dining table. This style is usually best used in larger dining rooms or spacious kitchens.

Rectangular shaped tables are ideal for large families and for dinner parties as they can sit more people. However, as they are relatively large, dinner time might not as intimate as there is more space between guests. If this is an issue, consider a more narrow table which is better for bringing people together while still retaining the size. This doesn’t mean you need a big dining space for this type of table, rectangle dining tables can work with smaller dining rooms too, but consider the size: space ratio of your room when choosing the table.

For the chairs, we recommend that they match the table as close as possible, so look for chairs that complement the look and style of the table. It’s better to be safe rather than being adventurous here!

Benches can also work as it allows you to sit even more guests without taking up space and more furniture. Benches can be easier on the wallet too so don’t rule this out if you have the space for it.


Oval Dining Tables

Hampstead Oak Extension Dining Table
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Oval shaped tables are a popular alternative to the traditional rectangle dining table. It offers a similar look, but instead, the corners are rounded and smoother. Saving a bit of space while still looking classy and elegant.

Stools are a great addition to oval tables as they allow the table to be shown off in its full glory while keeping the area spacious.

Round Dining Tables

Roundtables are commonly used in smaller dining areas. It’s still possible to sit a decent number of people, and they’re not as cramped as you may think.

With the smaller dining space, this will bring guests closer together which is great for conversations (no need to shout here!).  However, as round dining tables primarily sit only four people, consider one which can be extended to give you that extra flexibility.

Arles Round Dining Table for dining space

Square Dining Tables

Square dining tables share similar functionality to round tables but have it’s own stylish and distinct style. Although they can look neat and compact on the shop floor, square tables can take up quite a bit of dining space if you’re not careful. So, measure and think about it carefully. This is key to buying any table but more so with square dining tables.

Our chair tip for this type of dining table is to consider dining chairs with curves. Whether it’s a curved backboard or curved edges this will balance out the hard square edges of the table.

La Radoute - Perrine 6-Seater Solid Pine Table
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A Lot to Consider

Before jumping in with a purchase, make sure to consider all options but most important factor in the size of your room and find the most practical table for your needs first. Then you should think about the fancy stuff such as design and style.

So don’t rush, keep an open mind and have fun choosing the table that suits you. The dining table is one of the most used pieces of furniture at home, so it’s important you get one that you’re happy with!

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