In Review: The New Autumn/Winter Home Décor from Tesco

I’ll admit, even I was dubious. My previous experience with Tesco Direct finished at Everyday Value tents for raucous weekends spent at muddy festivals and replacing Tupperware lunchboxes. So, when A Fancy Home got invited down to a sneak preview of their new autumn/winter home décor range – we couldn’t say no.

This is what A Fancy Home thought about the new Autumn/Winter home décor range from Tesco Direct.

Autumn/Winter Home Décor from Tesco

Tesco AW range - glasses

The event, affectionately dubbed #TescoHomeAW17, was to take place in Soho – very flash. Rented for the week was a four-storey townhouse in the heart of London. What better way to exhibit home décor than by decking out a real house, showing how the pieces could work in real life?

Each floor was decorated wholly by the new autumn/winter home décor range, each flight ascending in price-range; from bedspreads to the frames on the walls – everything was Tesco. And, as it happened, my favourite level was the first, the core range.

Tesco Autumn/Winter Home Décor range - Frontier Bedroom

The core range had very much taken homage from popular interior design trends such as industrial chic, and millennial pink. Tesco had really done their market research – they knew what the popular trends were and even the up-and-coming themes too.

It was clear from the first room alone that Tesco understood the competitive market of home decor, and that to be considered side-by-side with established homeware brands they’d have to offer something we couldn’t refuse; which meant for them, undercutting the competition.

Tesco AW range - Grace Bedroom

But, Why Did I Love the Core Range So Much?

While the higher levels, titled Soho, Jardin and Fox & Ivy were steeped with luxury and opulence (yes, we’re still talking about Tesco Direct here; and yes, it was still reasonably priced); but the core range was just unbelievably good value for money. In their endeavour to deliver good quality, on-trend autumn/winter home décor items, Tesco were is still providing the new ranges at an economical price.

Tesco Autumn/Winter Home Décor range - Grace Intro

Each piece looked one-of-a-kind and bespoke, not something that you’d pick up Tesco down the road. Not only that, but everything was totally up-to-date, I could easily foresee any of the items in a popular bar in Shoreditch. In fact, they probably will be soon enough.

And while the price remained lower, there were no signs of scrimping on style or quality. The level of detail was astonishing – even the prints on the walls (also for sale) had been personally created by an in-house designer. You just couldn’t fault that attention to detail.

What About the Higher Ranges?

Tesco AW range - Jardin Living

The more expensive ranges, including Fox & Ivy, weren’t actually expensive (rather just comparatively to the core range). And a lot of my standout pieces, that I’m definitely going to get my hands, are from the top range.

And as it goes, these are my top picks:

Tesco Autumn/Winter Home Décor: Top Picks

Tate Velvet Large 3 Seater Sofa, Teal | £549.00 £419.00

Tesco Autumn/Winter Home Décor range - Teal Sofa

The velvet teal sofa really stole the show for me. The vibrancy would make it a showstopper in any room. Upon returning to the office I did not shut up about this sofa – you can ask my colleagues.

Pair with: bright fuchsia and canary yellow throw pillows.

Fox & Ivy Jardin Pack of 4 Wine Glass | £15.00

Tesco AW range - Wine Glass

I would be the proud owner of these glasses by now if they weren’t currently sold – I’m not surprised. I’ve got an alert set for when they’re restocked.

The iridescent glass is brought to life with red wine (much like myself).

Pair with: ANY RED WINE.

Nicola Spring Patterned Porcelain Pasta Bowls – 3 Designs – Box Of 6 | £25.99

Tesco Autumn/Winter Home Décor range - Nicola Spring

Why is crockery always boring? It shouldn’t be. And now, thanks to the Nicola Spring range from Tesco’s autumn/winter home décor it doesn’t need to be. They’ve even made a promise to keep items that are part of a collection on sale for multiple seasons so that you can collect them slowly, in an affordable fashion! I’m gushing, I know.

Pair with: your favourite dinner of course!

Hexagon Shelf Blue | £29.00

Tesco AW range - hexagon shelf


This hexagon shelf unit really caught my eye when I was at the preview event, it made me think; why can’t functional items also be decorative? It’s a dissonance that interior designers are constantly addressing but the average homeowner isn’t – and that’s often due to expense – but not anymore.

Pair with: your favourite books, candles and potted plants.



Hexagonal Top Wire Side Table | £29.00

Tesco Autumn/Winter Home Décor range - Wire Table

When I was talking about chic home décor items fit for a cool bar in Shoreditch this is what I had in mind. The industrial side table is comprised of a geometric metal frame and wooden top – fashionable and functional.

How much? I asked. Surely it has been placed in the wrong tier?
“£29”, she said, immediately followed by “I know” to my responding silence.


Pair with: wooden floors, leather sofa and a fur throw.


Tesco Autumn/Winter Home Décor: In Review

So, overall, the new homeware range gets two big thumbs up from me. Tesco Direct launched a bespoke, luxury and good-quality autumn/winter home décor range accessible to everyone, not just the elite. I think Tesco is heading towards being an interior designer’s worst kept secret.


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