9 Tips to Mix Home Décor Styles (Confidently!)

The most authentic and successful home décor is often achieved when you mix styles with purpose. It is easy to get hung-up on the idea that everything as to match, or that you have to pick one style and stick with it throughout, but it is far more interesting to mix it up a little in order to reflect the personalities of those who live in your home. There are lots of tips to mix home décor styles out there, but these are the ones that we feel are the most important!

The skill is in knowing how to mix all your favourite furniture and accessories with décor in an intentional way without the whole thing descending into eclectic chaos. Here are some tips to help you find that balance.

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Tips to Mix Home Décor Styles (with Confidence):

1. Know Your Own Taste (and Your Partner’s)

Cosy, rustic, contemporary, retro décor? Warm or cool? A specific era? You’ll often find that you are pulled in a couple of style directions. You can draw these together into one look that is unique to you, your home, your family.

Identify a couple of styles that have overlapping elements (like industrial and vintage, or cream and pastels) and work from there.

2. The 80/20 Rule

Choose a dominant style and a supporting style and use the 80/20 ratio as a guide.

Look at your room and pick out the larger or more expensive items that would be hard to replace. If they also tick your style boxes, these are your keepers, and they should make up your 80%. So, if you wanted to go for a modern traditional mix, your main items might be modern with hints of the traditional in the accessories and décor.

3. You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Before you go out and spend a lot of money, first look at what you already have. Make a list of the items that have significance to you and other household members. Using much-loved items that you already own can be a useful starting point and will add interest, personality and authenticity to your home interiors.

4. Keep your Canvas Neutral

Think of the large spaces and objects, such as walls, floors and furniture, as your canvas and keep them relatively neutral. It’s this foundation that you can add your own décor styles regarding feature décor and furnishings.

5. Identify your Show Stoppers and your Staples

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Start by placing your big and functional items, like sofas and dining tables, before you do anything else. Then you need to identify any oddball items. These will be the ones that stand alone in terms of shape, size and colour. If they are keepers, let them stand out and don’t make them compete with other features.

6. Keep A Sense Of Balance

This is probably one of the most difficult tips to mix home décor styles to achieve, but you can achieve balance in a number of ways. The general rule when considering the main features or focal points in a room is to limit yourself to three. Even if these vary in height, colour or texture they should work together to give balance.

For example, in your living room, you could add one large bold rug to go with a strongly coloured feature wall and a favourite colourful armchair. Consider how these items balance with each other in terms of visual weight and do not allow one thing to dominate the space. Remember to keep the other walls and the floor space around these features neutral so that the background is not competing with your features.

Another thing to look out for when trying to achieve a balance of styles is to blend rather than segregate. If the dominant style is modern, but you want to add some rustic accents, place these items in two or three places rather than all together in one corner. This gives an even distribution and will make more sense visually.

7. Use Texture, Colour, Shape and Size to Unify a Room

Layering and contrasting textures will provide depth and imbue the space with life. Examples of this would include placing a sheepskin rug on a shiny hardwood floor, laying a woollen throw on the leather sofa or mixing wooden surfaces with ceramics or metals.

Use of colour will also help to tie the whole look together. You could match the colour of a throw with the dining room chairs or the colour of your cushions with the lampshades. Perhaps you have a pair of end tables, lamps or nightstands that do not match but they are similar in height and shape. While these items are not identical, they could be considered as partners.

Another useful trick for achieving a sense and balance in your living spaces is repetition. For example, if you have a very colourful painting or item of furniture then repeat that colour elsewhere to prevent it from becoming distracting or dominant.

8. Group Similar Items

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One of the most important tips to mix home décor styles is to find things that are the same but different i.e. not matching. See what they have in common and group by size, colour, texture or subject matter. And, to give sense and impact, if you have a collection display those things together rather spreading them around the room or your entire home. For example, if you collect glass bottles or blue and white decorative plates keep them together. Also organise the items on your dresser or shelving according to height, type or colour.

Another popular way to add some personality and interest is to create a photo wall in your bedroom, living room or going up the stairs.

9. Avoid Overcrowding

And finally a word on overcrowding. Perhaps a little counterintuitively, this is more of a problem in larger rooms. Where you have more space, there is a tendency to fill it. You must resist this temptation to avoid creating a space that is overwhelming to the visitor as there is only some much visual stimulation that the eyes and the brain can cope with. That said, be sure that you don’t create any visual gaps either.

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