15 DIY Tools You Must Have at Home

Every home needs a good selection of DIY tools ready when duty calls for a repair or a newly built item. We always recommend you invest in good quality tools as spending that little extra will prove to be worth it in the long run for DIY.

If you’re moving to a new house or just simply looking for some essential tools to pick up, here is our list of 15 DIY tools you must have for your home.

Arrangement of DIY tools

Essential DIY Tools:

1. Tool Box

First, you’re going to need something to store and protect your DIY tools as well as being able to transport it from one area to another. A toolbox with a hand carry is what you need.

2. Screwdrivers

The standard DIY tools is a no-brainer. Most house jobs require the use of a screwdriver so invest in some good quality Philips and Flathead screwdrivers.

3. Measuring Tape

Tape measure - DIY tools

Always have some of these DIY tools lying around – whether it measures for new furniture or a wall to accurately place a mirror, a tape measure is a must!

4. Utility Knife

Always keep one of these DIY tools about, you may need to use it to cut or scrape for your project.

5. Hammer

A must-have for a mini demolition project or to hammer in nails. A hammer is a must DIY tool for most furniture, just be careful when using it!

6. Pliers

Pliers - DIY tools

Vice Grip and Needle Nose are the two pliers you need. They are fantastic for reaching tight spaces and for electrical wire cutting.

7. Crescent Wrench

Possibly the most used DIY tool that you’ll have. With its adjustable jaw, the crescent wrench is the one-piece tool to tighten or loosen different sized nuts and bolts.

8. Extension Cable

They come in a range of lengths, and an extension cable is handy to have around. Makes using DIY tools outside or in the loft much easier.

9. Ladder

To make your job easier when working in situations where you need that added height. Instead of using a stool or chair, a ladder is always the safest way. You can choose from variously sized ladders that should be suitable for your usage.

10. Flashlight

Always good precaution to have one – you can always use the one on your smartphone if needs be!

11. Shovel

Shovel - DIY tools

An outdoors DIY tool must have – shovel a smart multifunctional tool for the groundwork that is needed outside.

12. WD-40

That lubricant spray to get to those rusted bolts and nuts – a real DIY toolbox essential.

13. Allen Key Set

You’ll be surprised at how many things are held together with a screw that requires an Allen key. A cheap must have for your DIY toolbox.

14. Level

With regards to hanging home items, a straight line is vital! Working on a line that isn’t straight can lead to all sorts of problems. To avoid this and get the work completed first time around, use a level.

15. Power Drill and Drill Bits

drill on table - DIY tools

A good quality cordless power drill is a must for every DIY toolbox. They are also handy for getting out those roughly tightened screws.

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