8 Easy DIY Pallet Projects

Today, people are much more conscious of their impact on the environment and want to avoid unnecessary waste while still being able to express their style in their choice of home décor. Pallets provide super versatile materials and are perfect for DIY enthusiasts. So, if you are feeling handy, and looking for some ways to jump onto the upcycling trend, here are some great creative ideas to inspire you for DIY pallet projects for your home or garden.

Easy DIY Pallet Projects:


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Creating a dedicated space outside where you can relax and enjoy some fresh air, or sit with friends and family, is a great idea but decking can be expensive. Working with pallets, raised on concrete blocks, is a lot more economical. You can lay the slats in the same direction or mix it up to get a more tiled effect. Plus add a pop of colour to make the whole area more inviting.



Deck Furniture

Pallet Garden sofa and coffee table - DIY pallet projects

Once the decking is complete, why stop there? There is almost an endless variety of ways to make inspired pieces of garden furniture with pallets, from two-seaters to deck chairs and comfy day beds. You could also fit casters to the bottom of each piece to make moving them from one spot to another easier. Finish the whole look with stylish cushions and your outside retreat will be complete.

Vertical Gardening

If you don’t have the luxury of a garden, or even if you do, making creative use of pallets for vertical gardening offers the benefit of maximising growing space while taking up the minimum amount of room. Indoor living walls, growing plants, flowers or herbs, are fantastically decorative and on trend with ‘bringing the outside in.’

Coffee Table

Pallet work desk with glass top - DIY pallet projects

With so many options available, picking out the perfect coffee table can be a hard task. So why not design and build your own. With incorporated shelving, a nice bright lick of paint and a glass top to finish it off you can create a modern, stylish and practical centrepiece for your living room. Add wheels, and you’re away!


A DIY pallet sofa or window seat could be a great piece for your sitting room, home office or den and is quite simple to construct. It also offers the opportunity to inject a splash of colour with endless combinations of cushions and throws to reflect your mood and personality.


Making your bed frame out of pallets is an inexpensive way to complete your dream bedroom. You can use two layers if you prefer a bit of height. Which, with a futon mattress on top, will provide good support and also offer a bit of storage space below. To complete the look, you can also go for a pallet headboard as well.


White Pallet desk - DIY pallet projects

The advantage of making your desk out of pallets comes from being able to choose what shape, size, and height to suit your purpose and the space you have. A coat of paint and a glass top makes a nice finish.


A slightly less ambitious project, but one that will still have an impact, is shelving. And there is no end to the possibilities and locations; from hanging pans in your kitchen or keeping clutter off your desk, pallets provide the perfect materials. Your imagination is the limit.

Advice for your DIY Pallet Projects

  • Check the wood is safe and has not been treated with harsh chemicals.
  • Look for the HT mark which indicates that the wood has been pressure and heat-treated.
  • Avoid those marked with MB which indicates the use of methyl bromide (a neurotoxin and carcinogen).
  • Avoid pallets that have been stained or those from grocery stores which may harbour foodborne pathogens.
  • Prepare the wood with soapy water and an antibacterial. Such as tea tree oil or vinegar, and rinse and dry thoroughly before starting work.
  • Sand wood before construction of furniture to avoid splinters.

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