5 Things to do Before Refurbishing a Home

So you’re renovating your home, and your head is full of colour schemes, fixtures and fittings, contractor recommendations and budget considerations. Of course, these are all crucial to the success of your refurbish project, but have you considered what you should do before refurbishing a home – to ensure the success?

It’s just as important to prepare for the more practical aspects of having work done in order to keep your sanity in one piece. Even your family life is running on schedule. Here are our 5 top tips to make sure that you have some commonly overlooked issues covered before you start.

Before Refurbishing a Home:

1. Back to Basics

refurbishing a home packing boxes

As soon as the refurbish begins you’ll find it impossible to find what you need unless you have a plan. While keeping your home functioning during the renovation, it’s vital to go back to basics regarding what you need in each room. For example keep kitchen essentials to hand, such as favourite mugs and cereal bowls, and pack any unnecessary items away. The same goes for must-have toiletries, wardrobe items.

Before refurbishing a home, ensure to put all your essential stuff in one easy place that’s away from the work zone. So, that you don’t spend the next weeks or months tearing your hair out and driving yourself mad because you can’t find your keys, phone chargers, and other essential items. You might also consider keeping your more valuable items in a safe or even off-site for the duration.

2. Privacy Policy

With contractors in and out of your house every day it’s a good idea to plan your daily schedule. This is to ensure that you and other family members have some privacy. You may have to move your stuff and change your routine to achieve this. It will be worth it if you want to avoid bumping into the builders in your pyjamas or your bath towel.

Give this some thought before the work starts, rather than as an afterthought. Plus you’ll save yourself any potential embarrassment or upset.

3. Security

work site safety -before refurbishing a home

Your family’s security is of paramount importance when you are having major work done in your home. With various contractors coming in and out of the house you are more open to theft than usual. If you choose reputable companies, that come with recommendations. It is less likely that you will have to worry about them as a threat. However, you might be vulnerable to other opportunists who have worked out that your home is undergoing a refurbish. Therefore your security compromised.

As we have already mentioned, keep valuables and important documents locked away out of sight. Don’t leave things like car keys, laptops, phones, post or handbags lying around. You might also consider installing a programmable lock so that you can control and monitor who is in your house and when. You can also reprogram the lock at any time and certainly be sure to do so when the work is finished.

4. Safety

A building site can be a hazardous place for kids and pets. So you’ll have to be extra vigilant especially with your young children. Whatever their age it may be worth installing child safety gates to set clear boundaries for them. To keep them out of reach of power tools, exposed electrical wires and other dangerous items. This will give you extra peace of mind. Also, serve to keep your contractors mindful of the potential risks as well.

Make sure tools and materials are kept out of harms way, whether the refurb is taking place indoors or outside. Contractors should leave the area of work safe and tidy at the end of each working day.

It may also be worth moving your pets off-site, at kennels or with friends or family while any major construction work is being done. They may find the extra activities curious or frightening.

5. Friends and Family

tell friends before refurbishing a home

If you know that your refurbishing a home is going to take an extended period, it is advisable to talk to friends and family. They may be able to offer some support. There may be times when you need a place to sleep, to do a load of washing or just to take a shower. People will be more than happy to help you, give them a heads-up in advance.

Your neighbours will also appreciate it if you warn them about major works before they start. And if you think that a refurbish is going cause disruptions to their daily lives you might want to pop round with a bottle of wine (or chocolates or flowers). By way of compensation for any inconvenience before rather than after the event.

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