Choosing a Mirror: How to Get the Best for Your Home

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the fairest mirror of all? Just how difficult is it, choosing a mirror for your home? It’s pretty easy – once you follow a few points from our style guide.

Choosing a Mirror:

Reflect on the Rules

There are just a couple of rules before you grab your coat and car keys, and head out to the shops. The most important one is a measuring tape. Measure the space – if there is a specific place where you wish to hang your new mirror. Also for measuring up the actual piece in the shop. The other one is to photograph the area on your mobile device and take that with you too. So, you can instantly visualise where it will hang.

Opening Up Light and Space

Mirrors are undoubtedly the best way to flex your design style. They open up a room, make small rooms appear larger, and reflect light. They add atmosphere and choosing a mirror that’s right will add a focal point to your home, as well as a talking point. Your choice will depend mostly on the room you have in mind for your new purchase. Let’s take a walk around the house, and discuss the various options, of choosing the best mirror for your home.

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The hallway is often overlooked, but it’s your first chance at a good impression. A mirror will add light – often the only light in a hallway comes from the glass in the front door, so position yours opposite any existing light source. It’s also your last chance to see how you look before you leave the house!

So, choose a functional mirror, preferably full length, so you can get a good look before you leave. If you prefer a smaller one, then hang it over a console table, or covered radiator. Lack of light can be solved with a picture light, positioned over the top edge of the mirror. A heavy gilt frame adds a classic look if your hallway is the entrance to a period home, or choose a simple, slim frame for a modern house or flat.

Living Room

The living room is where you get to unleash your inner interior designer! If you have a fireplace, then that’s here your over mantle mirror should go. Either hang it bang in the middle of the space on the chimney breast, or allow it to balance on the fireplace sill. Choosing to fill the entire space is a great idea for a huge reflection of your favourite family room, and opposite the window, if possible, is perfect.

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Dining Room

Dining rooms don’t have to be dull. Reflect on great parties with a large and heavy mirror, hung low enough to be in line with the table when everyone is seated. Buy lots of small pieces in different frames, and group them closely together for an artsy and fun look. Mix the shapes too – round, long, square – add a touch of visual excitement to your dinner party!


Getting dressed in the mornings calls for a long mirror. If you’re short of space, choose mirrored, fitted wardrobes to double the size of your room instantly. Not a fan of fitted furniture? Go for a free-standing tilted pedestal piece, with a handy drawer at the bottom. If one side is magnified, that’s even better. A large one balanced against a wall allows you to sit on the floor and do your hair there and looks stylish.

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Choosing a mirror for the kitchen may sound odd, but it throws light into what can be a small space. If you have a long, narrow galley style kitchen, then you can visually change that space with a wide, panoramic mirror along the long walls. Put one over the sink makes washing up facing a wall less boring, and it can be a handy tool in which to see the kids while you cook.


Well, you just have to have a mirror in the bathroom. Why stop at just one? Use a wall mounted, scissor mirror for shaving and makeup, magnified on one side. A large piece opposite the window will turn the tiniest room into a spa-like space. A heavily framed, extravagant one will add a splash of elegance to a basic bathroom, and create a focal point in itself. Add lights for a very Marilyn stage effect. Just don’t hang your new mirror directly over the bath – there’s no need to get all steamed up about choosing the perfect mirror for your home!

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