10 Cool And Creative Ideas For A Boys’ Bedroom

You’re feeling creative and there isn’t much spare cash to throw around, but your boys’ bedroom is looking a bit dated. How can you spruce it up, keep him happy and make it feel brand new without breaking the bank?

Being a superhero isn’t necessary for being a good parent, it just requires some creativity and willpower. If you’ve got that, pair it with these 10 cool ideas for a boys bedroom to get some inspiration, and you’ll be well on your way! (Remember, not all heroes wear capes).

10 Cool And Creative Ideas For A Boys’ Bedroom:

  1. Stick ‘em Up

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Decals are super quick and easy to apply, and they’ll instantly provide a pop of colour or interest to a boys bedroom. A scary dinosaur, his sports hero, trains, planes, or anything that he loves. Your son is sure to adore the magic makeover and it’ll just take seconds to apply. All you need is a neutral, flat, clean wall and away you go.

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  1. Split the Boys Bedroom Up

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Do you have two boys or children sharing a room? They can look alike, but be so different. Usually, there’s Mr Tidy and Mr Messy, perhaps a future accountant and a future artist, who knows? But, they don’t have to share everything, even if space is limited and they have to share a bedroom. Run a line of thick coloured sticky tape right through the middle of the boys’ bedroom and define two separate spaces. Use two different coloured rugs and make different colour choices of bedding and paint. You’ll encourage them to each develop their personalities, feel whole without always depending on the other and give the sense of their own personal space.

  1. Frame It

Take the best of their artistic efforts and frame them. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, scour the local boot sale for frames, ditch the naff pictures and re-use them for Picasso Jr’s efforts. Either group the frames together for a designer look, or if they’re hanging in rows, do so in odd numbers of three or five; it’s the top interior designer’s tip!

  1. Blow it UP

Nooo, not your boys’ bedroom, though it’s tempting when you see how quickly they can mess it up! Blow up – enlarge – a great family photo, or one with your son and his siblings/sports hero/pop star idol to cover an entire wall. It’ll give an instant wow appeal to your boys’ bedroom.

  1. Inside the Book

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Why not take their favourite, or a classic book and recreate it like this simple Star Wars theme? It’s a super cool way to decorate a younger boys bedroom and encourage him to develop a love of reading!

  1. Pitch It!

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This is by far the easiest idea but often gets the best reaction with the kids. A personal tepee is the den of choice for most children, so imagine having one in your boys’ bedroom, how happy he’ll be!

DIY with some wooden poles and a couple of old sheets or big squares of material. Add a torch, a few school-style toys and games, and something to sleep on for the coolest sleepovers during half-term.

  1. Indoor Treehouse

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Has your little boy always wanted a tree house, but it’s not feasible where you live? Then bring the outdoors into your boys’ bedroom! Paint a tree up one wall, and across the ceiling as well, it’ll be the focal point of the bedroom. Do you have a house with an attic? Convert it to a playroom and put a real ladder up against the ‘tree’ for instant access through the loft ceiling-door.

Alternatively, you could install a bunk bed (or mezzanine floor depending on space) and hang some drapes from the ceiling in a green colour following the line of your ceiling tree painted branches for a super cool, indoor treehouse themed sleeping space.

  1. Harry Potter

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Have you got a little wizard on your hands? If there’s a cupboard underneath your stairs convert it into his miniature playroom; or, if it’s big enough, make it the bed space for true Harry Potter style sweet dreams.

  1. Look Out

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A pirate-themed boys bedroom is a room of dreams for most children. Swap out the toy box for an old trunk, and repurpose a bed canopy into a sail shape – before you know it his room will be a ship at sea hunting for treasure!

  1. Art Attack

Give them a wall on which to express themselves. Don’t get caught up in the perfect home décor, magazine look; remember this is your home, not a show house.

If your children want to chalk, graffiti, draw or write, then allow them a designated space on the boys’ bedroom to do just that. There’s nothing wrong with a little creative genius! And you’ll probably find that it stops them from doing so elsewhere (such as your new expensive wallpaper).

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