10 Imaginative Ideas For A Girls’ Bedroom

Children are renowned for changing their minds, so when it comes to redecorating your little girls’ bedroom – it might seem like an impossible task.

Getting your children’s bedroom right is hugely important since it’s the only space in your home that they can truly call their own; it’s their sanctuary from the outside world (which I’m sure we can all relate to).

The main issue with decorating your girls’ bedroom is the difficulty of what she might want (do they even know?). So, to help you out we’ve put together 10 creative ideas for decorating your little girls’ bedroom which your daughter is sure to love!

10 Imaginative Ideas For A Girls’ Bedroom:

  1. Regal Bedrooms Fit for Royalty

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Is your daughter made of sugar, spice, and everything nice? If your little girl loves the colour pink, makes you watch re-runs of Disney and only ever wants to dress up as Elsa, then this is sure to be a winner.

The obvious decorating choice for a girls’ bedroom is a royal theme; it’ll fit her personality perfectly. All you’ll need is a pink canopy, lace bed sheets and a few castle decals on the walls – surprise her with a Princess outfit when you reveal the room!

Check out these princess inspired rooms on Pinterest.

  1. Carriage 0r Racing Car?

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We know that not all girls love pink and some would prefer a Fast & Furious takeover!

Using large sheets or plain MDF from a DIY store, draw on shapes and patterns that resemble something speedy. Then, cut these out with a circular or hand jigsaw. Once painted, glue or attach the panels to the sides of her existing bed to create a fabulously fast new one.

  1. Right Down the Middle?

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If you’re stretched for space, a room divider is a great way for your children to still feel like they’re retaining their own sanctuary. Whether you have two children sharing the same room or you simply want to denote a difference between their creative and sleeping space, a room divider can help.

There are plenty of ways to achieve this – one easy way is to use furniture by placing a large bookshelf or storage unit in the middle and then use separate colour schemes on either side.

  1. Pre-teen Girls Bedroom

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Is your daughter too old for cartoon characters on the walls, but not quite old enough for a sleek adult theme? Because of their in-between phase, pre-teens can be hard to please. So, to save yourself having to redecorate your girls’ bedroom again in only a few years we suggest keeping it neutral.

A cool mint colour palette and an in-between sized bed will signify growth but still allow plenty of playroom space.

  1. Tuck the Toys Away

Almost every girls’ bedroom will be home to a collection of toys and teddies; the trouble is that they can be all over the place, which is a nightmare to clean.

Why not grab a hammock to pile them all in, It’s the perfect adjustable storage for all the soft and plush toys to live; plus, she can a different one each night to sleep with.

Tip: Use a net hammock so your daughter can see them all at a glance.

  1. Arabian Nights

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A mosquito net or just some gauze drapes instantly make a bed feel prettier, giving an Arabian and exotic feel to your girls’ bedroom.

Mozzie nets are extremely economical, and for extra wow-factor spend an afternoon arts and crafts session applying motifs to make it completely personal to her!

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Who doesn’t love fairy lights? This small and cheap addition will brighten up any room (pun intended). Easily sourced – fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, they’re also for your girls’ bedroom!

  1. Pop Star Crush

Buy posters of her favourite band or artist, but instead of sticking them up where they tear and curl, frame them in giant clip frames instead, they’ll look so much tidier and last longer.

While you’re at it if your daughter is a budding star install a karaoke machine in your girls’ bedroom for an authentic musical touch (you may need some soundproofing though!)

  1. Hollywood Glitz

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Make a Hollywood styled room, with just her favourite movie posters. For added glamour place red carpet strip down the middle with a giant paper maché Oscar.

If she’s more of a back-the-scenes girl, create a chalkboard wall and draw a giant clapperboard with her name, as Director, of course.

  1. Black and White

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Monochrome: a cool combo of black and white is always right. Create the theme with a colour palette using black, white, cream and grey; perfect for a Tween bedroom.

The neutral theme means pops of colour can be added, like cushions, or with a print of her favourite photo.


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