10 Home Improvement Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

In a politically and financially uncertain era, homeowners are understandably becoming more and more reluctant to sell. A far more appealing option is to stay put and slowly but surely add value to your home with an improvement. This way, when the property market finally makes its spectacular recovery, your home will hold considerably more value than it does now.

But there are so many home improvement tips to consider. Which improvement is worth your time and money? Which are best to avoid? If you’re not careful, some ‘home improvement tips’ could even devalue your home, and obviously, you wouldn’t want that.

That’s why doing your homework (no pun intended) is vital before you commit to any big tasks, we’ve come up with some useful ideas that are guaranteed to bring value to your property. All that’s needed is a little DIY-initiative and a lot of patience!

10 Home Improvement Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

1. Remodel Your Kitchen

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The kitchen, for most, represents the heart of a home. It is the last place you’d want to be in a bad mood because the cupboards are falling apart; therefore it has to be perfect.

If you’re going to remodel your kitchen, make sure you choose a reputable company. You wouldn’t want it left half done or to a shabby standard since the first thing any potential buyers will think is “I’m going to have to remodel this kitchen.”

Or, if you’re planning on sticking around for a while, then perhaps just a minor upgrade is needed. Changing the countertops or even repainting the cabinets, is relatively easy and low cost, and has the potential to change the whole aesthetic of the room!

2. Add Light

Adding light to your home is one of the most important things you could do to improve it. Homes built 10 or more years ago might not have adequate lighting and would, therefore, benefit greatly from increased light.

Consider adding skylights or mirrors that face windows. It would not only make your home appear brighter but bigger too.

3. Give it a Facelift

The exterior of your home creates the first impression, and everyone knows how important first impressions are, particularly when you are trying to sell something!

How could you improve your home’s exterior in a way that isn’t too costly? Well, you could start by fertilising your lawn every spring. It will make a big difference. You could also add some new vegetation – trees, plants, flowers, etc. – and power-hose your driveway every couple of months.

4. Maintain or Add Decking

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If you have existing decking, make sure you stain or paint it every 2-3 years. When painting, ensure you strip off rather than paint over the old paint. It will help keep the new paint from peeling.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of adding a new deck make sure you do the math first! How many people would you like to fit onto the new deck? You wouldn’t want your guests to feel cramped at a dinner party!

5. Update Your Bathroom

Even if your bathroom is quite modern, it might be worth thinking about an improvement change. Contemporary designs are only temporary, unfortunately. Before starting work on your bathroom, plan very carefully what you’d like to do. Once you’ve started removing sinks and ripping out showers, there is no going back!

However, make sure you update all your bathrooms to keep the look and feel of the house consistent. Buyers like consistency!

6. Reinvent a Room

Rather than adding an extension to your home for a new room, consider reinventing an existing space as an improvement to save you a lot of money potentially. A basement or attic could be easily converted into a bedroom with some good planning.

Versatile rooms are always attractive to potential buyers. For instance, basements can be used as second living rooms, games rooms or a smaller apartment for ageing relatives / moody teenagers who want their own space!

7. Add Colour Contrast

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It’s important the look of each room in a home has a consistent colour palette. Choose two or three and stick to them; the walls, carpet, and furniture should focus on these colours only. Again, consistency is what buyers are looking for.

However, try to mix up the colour palettes in different rooms, or else your home might feel quite boring. Rooms are far more attractive if they have their own personality.

8. Use an Underlay

You don’t need to splash out on a luxurious carpet if your current one needs replacing. Instead, you could purchase a nice thick underlay to have beneath a cheaper carpet. It gives the effect of an expensive carpet but costs much less!

9. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

People are becoming more environmentally aware, and the popularity of eco-homes is increasing as a result. You could add a ‘green appeal’ improvement to your home by installing solar panels on your roof and energy efficient windows to keep heat in.

Replacing all the windows in your home may be expensive, but you are likely to recover the costs in greatly reduced utility bills and potentially receiving ‘green energy tax credit,’ depending on where you live. Just check with your energy provider to see if these credits are available.

10. Hire a Professional Photographer

Let’s face it; you are here right now for the same reason a potential buyer might clicking through the archives on Right Move – everybody turns to the internet before making a purchase.

So when the time comes to sell, you’re going to need nothing less than the best when it comes to photography. Think how much better Airbnb properties with beautiful images perform. The same applies to real estate.

Hire a professional photographer to come and take high-res pictures of your newly improved home, to ensure you draw those buyers in and get the price you’re looking for.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to sell, you might want to hire a professional photographer so you can feel great about the work you’ve done!

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