Working Hard, or Hardly Working? 10 Home Office Must Haves!

The latest trend in the working world is to do so from home. Whether you’re freelance, self-employed, or just need to take a sheaf of papers home every night, for many, space for a home office is as vital as a living room these days. And since we spend so much time in these spaces, it’s only right that we kit them out with every home office must-haves!

We should all possess the right tools for the job at hand. So, when it comes to a home office, there are certain must-haves – let’s see what’s on the list. Whether you’re refurbishing your home office or planning a whole new space – you’ll need to know the ten vital needs before you hit the office superstore.

Home Office Must Haves:

1. Take a Seat

Home Office with chair - home office must haves

Are you sitting comfortably? Bad backs and neck aches start right here. Unfortunately, folk who choose to work from home often spend a lot more desk-time than their commuting counterparts. So our first home office must have is a decent chair, invest some real money here, and you’ll save on the chiropractic bills later. Ensure a decent back support, gas lift, somewhere to rest your elbows and a solid neck support. If you only spend money on one thing make it your chair.

2. At the Desk

Classic retro desk with glass top and white retro chair - home office must haves

Likewise, your desk needs to be large enough to accommodate all of your items, and be of the correct dimensions to suit your height and level of your chair. Standing desks are the latest innovation, allowing home workers to move around more freely and exercise while they type. A running machine may be a step too far!

3. Correct Lighting

All white and bright loft office space - home office must haves

Your commuting counterparts will be blessed with large windows, bathing them in natural light all day long. However, to ensure your best working self, the home office must have is to ensure you have a decent lighting setup, to avoid squinting and eyesight problems. A spotlight for small work, and a good, clear, overhead light.

4. PC, Tablet Or Laptop!

office working desk with laptop - home office must haves

This is the definition of a home office must have – if you don’t have this, you’re pretty stuffed! For a home office we need a decent keyboard, so a PC or laptop is best. A separate monitor is always another option to consider to keep your screen at a healthy eye level.

5. UPS

Office Power Unit - home office must haves

Buy some buffer time and invest in a decent UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply unit, which is backup for when the electricity decides to pop off for a limited time. Also, it prevents pulling your hair out if you lose a morning’s work. It allows you enough time to safely power off too – perhaps saving you a new computer.

6. Storage

Clean white office with wall shelving - home office must haves

Reference books, family photos, that scented candle, staplers and scissors and suchlike should be stored away. Think about your storage space. There are some decent cube-like wall units available at pretty low cost. Perhaps you prefer to have a closed-door affair, particularly if your home office is part of a living room, bedroom or hallway.

7. Filing Time

File storage for home office - home office must haves

There will always be paperwork, though we are getting more paperless by the day. File it all away in an under-desk drawer, preferably under lock and key for security, should some files be sensitive.

8. Multi-purpose

Home office desk with laptop and printer - home office must haves

Thinking of a new printer? Then go multipurpose and choose one that copies scans, and manages all of those tasks, a wireless one is even better. One machine, one space.

9. Power Surge

Dangerous office plug set up - home office must haves

Multiple home office must-haves are often overlooked until it’s too late, a surge protector should be a staple (pun intended)  in any home office that uses any computer equipment – protection you won’t want to leave off that shopping list.

10. Shred It

Finally, there are some documents that will need to be disposed of carefully. So invest in a sharp shredder. Also useful for out of date household bills and the best way to prevent identity theft.

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