20 Cheap and Easy Ideas for Making a Home Bar Unique

What’s the ultimate dream? Having a few vinos at the bar and only having to stumble a few yards to bed? That’s perfection. However, if you’re lucky enough to be considering making it a reality, you may be seeking ideas for making a home bar. But you don’t just want any home bar. You want one that’s fun, one-of-a-kind and a great place to share with your guests. But, you don’t want it to cost the earth and cover the galaxy.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We searched the internet to bring you a collection of 20 ideas for making a home bar unique, personal and chic. From interior design ideas to cheats and tips to make your home bar the most efficient use of space, materials and totally standout.

Ideas for Making a Home Bar Unique:

  1. Cork Screw Light

home bar - cork screw light (1)
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This easy to make light feature only requires: two glass vases (one smaller than the other), a candle to place in the middle… and of course, a lot of wine to be drunk to fill the perimeter with corks. You better start now!

  1. Three Shelf Mini Bar

home bar - three shelves (1)
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This idea takes homage from the interior design rule of odd numbers (everything looks better in groups of odd numbers). Simply hang three matching shelves (or not, if you’d like a rustic, vintage look) and fill with your mini necessities!

  1. Upcycle an Old Barrel

home bar - barrel (1)
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This idea for making a home bar is not only self-contained (so it can be shut away), but is wonderfully topical and even doubles as a fun DIY project to undertake. We love!

  1. Whiskey Light Shades

home bar - whiskey light shades (1)
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Staying on the theme with a topical interior design tip, this idea we think is fabulously chic. Why not use your old whiskey bottles to create unique and attention-grabbing light ornaments? It’ll tie in nicely with the popular industrial interior design theme too.

  1. Hidden in a Wardrobe

home bar - hidden wardrobe (1)
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If you’re not one for showing off how much you love a little tipple, why not gut a wardrobe (we’re sure you have one that needs it) and replace the contents with your favourite beverages and matching glasses. A minibar that can be hidden away! Superb.

  1.  Travel Bar

Ideas for Making a Home Bar - old suitcase bar
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The winner of ideas for making a home bar because it takes into consideration homes that:

  1. Are strapped for space
  2. Not particularly crafty
  3. But still want something aesthetically pleasing

All this tavern requires is an old suitcase, which you’ll be able to pick up at a charity shop or boot sale!

  1. Coin Top Bar

Ideas for Making a Home Bar - coin bar top
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If you’re going the whole hog and having a bar especially built and installed in your home, this idea is surprisingly easy to create and looks amazing. Watch this how-to guide on YouTube to recreate the look at home.

  1. The Classic Drinks Cart

home bar - drinks trolley (1)
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When it comes to ideas for making a home bar, this is a timeless classic that’ll look great in every home. It’s the perfect antidote for a home that’s too tight on space and money to build a whole bar.

Shop drinks carts at John Lewis.

  1. Cork Art

home bar - cork art (1)
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If you already have a designated bar area in your home but want to jazz it up a bit, why not try cork art? It’s a simple concept: start collecting the used corks from your wine bottles until you have enough to build into the shape of a letter. The amount you’ll need will vary on both the size of the letters and the length of the word.

You don’t have to stick to “bar” either. You could make “drink,” “wine, “beer” or even “bad decision.”

  1. Under the Stairs

Ideas for Making a Home Bar - under the stairs
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Of the ideas for making a home bar, we think Harry Potter will approve of this one the most. If the under stair space is going to waste then why not upcycle it into a bar area for you and your guests?

  1. Coffee Table Bar

home bar - coffee table bar (1)
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Another space efficient bar idea for those with humble abodes. A small tiered coffee table is all you need to make your mini bar dreams come true.

Shop small coffee tables from Cox and Cox.

  1. Shelf and Lights

home bar - shelf and lights (1)
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If you’re hoping to spend the bare minimum in terms of cost and time, this is the mini bar for you. All you’ll need is an old wooden box, some bottles of alcohol and a set of string lights – easy!

  1. Upcycle an Old Piano

home bar - piano (1)
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Of all our ideas for making a home bar, this is probably the most obscure – and hardest to make. So, only venture if you’re particularly crafty.

However, IF YOU DO FIT THE BILL THIS LOOKS GREAT; a real eye-catching addition.

  1. Mini Bar Shelf

home bar - mini bar (1) (1)
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Another idea that’s minimal on cost and effort is this cracking little home bar looks like it’s rolled straight out of Soho. A simple shelving unit on wheels is all you need to get started – you could even pick some up from IKEA?

If you can’t find something on wheels, why not get a static shelving unit and add some casters yourself?

  1. Upcycle an Old Cabinet

Ideas for Making a Home Bar - upcycle an old bathroom cabinet
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This idea doubles up with massive winning points. If you’ve got an old cabinet, (either kitchen or bathroom), rather than throwing it away when you replace it, why not give it some TLC and move it elsewhere; it could be the new home for your favourite cocktails!

  1. Wine Bottle Lights

home bar - wine bottle lights (1)
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A lot like the whiskey bottle idea – but with wine bottles.

  1. The Growler Lamp

home bar - growler lamp (1)
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If you or your partner are big on beer, then this will make a great addition to your home bar.

  1. Upcycle an Old Bookcase

Ideas for Making a Home Bar - Upcycle an old bookshelf
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Wait! Don’t throw out the bookcase now that you’ve upgraded to a Kindle. Even if the books are already in the dump, an old bookcase is a perfect vessel for your bar. Give it a little upcycling TLC, and it’ll be as good as new to use!

  1. Palette Project

home bar - palette (1)
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Is any budget DIY list complete without a palette project option? We think not.

  1. Beer Kegs for Bar Seats

Ideas for Making a Home Bar - upcycle kegs as bar seats
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What better way to make the most of your rubbish? Throw a BBQ, buy a couple of beer kegs, wash them down and pop a cushion on top – hey presto quirky seating for your bar!


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