8 Ways to Improve the Exterior of a House

We can concentrate too much on the interior of our homes that we can forget about the outside. There is a lot that can be done to the exterior. Here are our top tips to improve the exterior of a house:

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Improve the Exterior of a House by:

Updating the Front Door

One of the easy ways to improve the exterior of a house is to upgrade the front door. A quick and simple repaint will do the trick. Be sure to choose the right colour!


If money is no option, a professional way to update the outside of your home is to install a driveway. Not only are they used for parking, but they make your house appear larger and wider.

Add Spotlights and Outdoor Lighting

Garden lights to improve the exterior of a house

A straightforward update – adding spotlights front and back are a sure way to update the look of your exterior. Now with solar outdoor lighting, it’s a simple matter of purchasing and placing in your desired locations.


Add shutters (to the outside), or blinds (to the inside) are a way of bringing true character to the exterior of your home. It will go great with a newly painted front door.

Bring Out the Green

Taking care of the grass around your home is another sure fire way to improve the look outside. Take time and care to maintain your front and back garden – the greener the grass the better.

Repair/Repaint the Decking

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A fairly cheap and easy fix. Repaint and repair any decking will enhance the look of your garden or porch.

Container Garden

Mini gardens using lots of plant pots is a quick fix to fill up empty unused space. It’s an easy way to bring some colour and freshness to your outside space.


Brand new numbering signs, plant boxes, and other accessories are other quick wins to improve the look of your home’s exterior.

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