5 Tips to Make Guests Feel Welcome

So you have some guests coming to visit, or maybe it’s your housewarming party that you’ve been looking forward to hosting? We’ve all been there; you want to make guests feel welcome but don’t know where to start? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 top tips to consider when welcoming guests to your home.

Tips to Make Guests Feel Welcome:

1. The Hallway

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The hallway or corridor area is the first thing you see, so it’s a good opportunity to create a great first impression!

Ensure your hallway is clean, tidy and spacious, it should be comfortable for your guests to walk in and take off their shoes and jackets. Injecting some colour is a great way to express some personality and make your hallway more inviting. We recommend running with brighter colours, and we love the green that Pantone has coined colour of the year. There is also nothing better than including framed pictures or your favourite artwork here to add that extra personal touch.


2. The Living Room

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The living room is probably going to be the first room your guests will enter, and there’s plenty you can do to make it as welcoming and relaxing as possible.

Colour is again important and sets the mood; it can provide a relaxing or energising feel to the room. There is so much choice here, and you can choose how intense or cool you want the colours to be. A soft blue or white will provide a cool and calming mood whilst a vibrant orange will energise the place. Adding a new rug or some cushions can be enough to help set the scene.

Other things for you to consider include furniture and accessories. For your sofas and tables, it’s important these are kept clutter free for that clean, modern look. They should be tidy, so your guests will feel welcome to sit down and relax.

As the living room is a space is where you’re likely to spend most of your time, it’s nice to have accessories that bring out your personality here. Consider items like photos, canvas art or items you have obtained on your travels. We love dotting little souvenirs about that bring back good memories from previous holidays. It will give the room some character, and it’s a great conversation starter!

To find out more about refreshing your living room, click here.


3. Dining Area

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When it’s time to eat, ensure your dining area is well prepped and looking as good as it can. Consider using tablecloths to add style and texture whilst protecting your table from heat and stains. Tablecloths come in different styles and materials, choose wisely for ones that match your tableware.

If tablecloths are not your thing, consider some matching placemats and coasters to go with your table.



4. Lighting

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One of the best ways to make guests feel welcome is to consider the lighting in your home as it helps to set the ambience. You need to consider a few things when it comes to lighting: placement, design and a number of lights you need for each room.

For the living room, you should use a combination of floor lamps and table lamps; you want the glow to shine both up and downwards. For that extra neat touch, light three of the four corners of the room with one of those lights focusing on an object, such as a plant or artwork.

In your dining room, make the table the brightest spot in the room. Place the light above the table at no brighter than 100 watts. Place some smaller lamps around the room for a calm, relaxing feel.

The bedroom should feel cosy, so place reading lamps by your bedside. Aim for low wattage lights and angle them away from your bed. If you like, place some nice scented candles on a table by the bed for an extra romantic touch.


5. Smell

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Regardless of the occasion, you’d want your home always smelling good. There’s a number of low-cost ways to keep the air fresh and pleasant.

We love scented candles and think they’re the best way to fragrance a room. Not only do they smell great when lit, the right candles will also keep the room smelling nice when they’re off too. We recommend a lavender scent for the bathroom, something more rich and pungent for the living room and a more citrus scent for the kitchen.

Another option you can try is reed diffusers, a fantastic low maintenance way to get any room smelling lovely. Like candles, there are a variety of scents to try, and they last a long time. We recommend using them in the hallway for a gorgeous, welcoming scent.

And finally, fresh air. You can never get enough so open those windows wide to let fresh air in and flush out any stale smell!

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