7 Savvy Tips to Maximise Bathroom Space

Often referred to as the smallest room in the house, and left out of estate agent’s details, the bathroom shouldn’t be the most neglected room in your home. Adding some square meterage to your bathroom would be the ideal answer to making it a little larger, but it’s possible to maximise bathroom space without knocking the walls down. So, save the spare room, and try these tricks instead – you’ll soon have a bathroom fit to swing a very clean cat!

So, you have put away the lump hammer and masonry chisel – and decided to go for a little bathroom DIY instead. We spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom, between long baths, daily showers, flossing, brushing and applying makeup – not to mention spending a penny. With a few adjustments and purchases, you can make that little room spacious and attractive – not cramped and ugly. Take note of our tricks for opening up space, and say hello to a new loo.

7 Tips to Maximise Bathroom Space

1. Reflect on your New Bathroom

bathroom mirror (1)
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The most obvious answer is the purchase of a mirror. Bigger really is better, and a huge framed mirror – even in the tiniest of spaces – will immediately double the room size. Use an unframed one surrounded and set into the tiles for your modern maisonette, penthouse or pad. Go for a heavy gilded affair if you have a period property. Cover an entire wall if you can, and place your mirror opposite the window for maximum light exposure.

2. See The Light

Speaking of light exposure, what does your window look like? Is it possible to make it bigger? If not, take away the curtains or any fussy window dressings, a simple blind in white, or in colour to match the walls will look bigger and better. Save those swags and tails for Grandma. A large rectangular skylight will let the light in if your bathroom is on a windowless top floor.

3. Floor Space

Maximise bathroom space with the simplest of tricks: open up the floor space. Cantilever shelving and open glass shelves allow you to see the floor underneath, making the room look larger. Remove the heavy old vanity unit under the sink, go for clear glass, or a modern ‘floating’ unit instead. A toilet bowl that rests back against the wall, rather than on the floor works in the same way. Use a fixed wall radiator or heated towel rail rather than a floor standing one. Overall, it’ll be easier to clean too, so more hygienic.

4. Baths Away

Bathroom with shower allowing loads more space to maximise bathroom space

Remove that bath with an over-shower affair that takes up a whole wall width, and install a shower instead. You’ll reduce the time of your morning routine, and save on the heating and water bills. You’ll be able to install a large, roomy shower in the space left behind.

5. Clearly Larger

Swap frosted and decorated shower panels for clear, clean, simple glass instead. Removing the fuss introduces simplicity and instantly enlarges the bathroom space. It’ll be the same as before, but the illusion will be far more space.

6. Look Up!

The ceiling is where you can have some fun. Install a large, over the top chandelier. It’ll be a focal point and a talking point. It doesn’t detract from your actual usable space, but can be quite dramatic.

7. Colouring In

Large luxurious bathroom to maximise bathroom space

Be very careful when it comes to a choice of colour palette for your new or refurbished bathroom. Even period homes don’t need those authentic Farrow and Ball colours, so drop the swatches, leave them for living areas and larger rooms. Keep it light, pastel, plain and neutral. White is always right, cream, or very pale teal or a shade of mellow yellow at a push.

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